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David Rock Combines Video, Emotion, Music as Producer for Gary Vaynerchuk

By 2020, nearly half of the U.S. workforce (46 percent) will be Millennials, defined by Pew Research as people between 18 and 34 years old in 2015. According to a report from UNC Executive Development, if you’re part of this generation, you grew up tech-savvy and you want to continually add to your skills in meaningful ways. The report also says employers will seek out Millennials to fill leadership gaps.

Small Business Trends spoke by phone with David Rock, a Millennial with multiple talents and an acute understanding of video tech, social media, and video content creation in 2017.

David Rock, a Millennial with an acute understanding of video tech and social media answers a few questions on video content creation in 2017.

When videographer and editor David Rock moved to New York City from eastern Pennsylvania, he didn’t imagine he’d work directly for one the most talked about marketers in the U.S., Gary Vaynerchuk. Rock created the film “Between The Clouds And Dirt” for Vaynerchuck in 2014 and shortly after became his videographer for shows “Daily Vee [1]” and “#AskGaryVee.” Rock believes in creating, learning, drive and self-motivation, positivity, intuition and betting on his strengths. Focusing all his energy into video creation, he takes pride in making the next video better than the last, as well as trying to outwork everyone.

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Small Business Trends: What are your thoughts on video content creation in 2017? Between Instagram Stories and Snapchat, which do you create with more?

David Rock: I use Instagram Stories [2] a little more, but I use both. Instagram is convenient because it’s all one app. But I’d say I use Instagram Stories 60 percent of the time and Snapchat [3] 40 percent of the time. If you mean Instagram as a whole versus Snapchat, then I’d say Instagram, 90/10. I’m continually thinking about what my new North Star is, but for now I’m really enjoying being a pioneer in this “new” world of video storytelling. I’ll be writing an article on this soon. For video content, figure out what stories you love to tell. Find the content that makes you the happiest and create that. The world is so much bigger now and there are so many more opportunities other than feature films. By the way, I used to want to be a director, like Spielberg and Christopher Nolan.

Small Business Trends: I feel small businesses will roll up their sleeves for video content creation in 2017, but not necessarily always live. Any advice for them?

David Rock: Yes, visit the technical list of what I use to produce “Daily Vee.”

Small Business Trends: The music you choose for Gary’s videos are spot on. How do you know ‘This is the perfect music’ and then how do you gain access to the track?

David Rock: I go about it by mood and tempo of the day. It’s a daily vlog and I want the emotion and feeling of that to be conveyed through the music. The way I get music is simple, just ask.

Small Business Trends: How did you react when you heard CNN acquired Beme and how do you feel about Casey Neistat’s work?

David Rock: I’m very excited to see what Casey does in the next chapter of his career. His ability to find a story within his daily vlogging every day since March of 2015 has been incredible to watch.

Small Business Trends: What’s the best way to reach you?

David Rock: I’m on Instagram at @davidrock [6]

David Rock, a Millennial with an acute understanding of video tech and social media answers a few questions on video content creation in 2017.

First image, left: David Rock; First image, right: Gary Vaynerchuk, Mario Armstrong

Images: Mario Armstrong, Instagram