10 Tips for Being More Productive With Your Sales and Marketing Efforts

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Not all sales and marketing strategies are created equal. Some require a lot of work and resources for very little reward. And others are actually optimized to get more done with less. Here are some tips from our small business community for getting more done with your sales and marketing efforts.

Make Sure Your Employees Are as Productive as Possible

In order for your business to accomplish its goals, you need productive team members. But there are some things you might be missing when it comes to making your employees as productive as possible. In this Planday post, Lisa Andersen elaborates.

Sync Up Your Sales and Marketing

Your sales and marketing efforts don’t necessarily have to be intertwined in order to be effective. But when they’re completely out of sync, it can be difficult to really find the right direction for your business. This post on the Your Guerrilla Marketer blog by Rick Verbanas outlines what you can do in that situation.

Win More With Social Media

Businesses are increasingly relying on social media as part of their marketing and sales efforts. But you need to make sure that your social media strategy is going to be one that actually helps to sustain those efforts, as Martin Zwilling details in this Startup Professionals Musings post. You can also see commentary on the post over on BizSugar.

Create a Winning Value Proposition

You can’t hope for any of your sales or marketing efforts to be effective if you don’t have an effective value proposition. In this SUCCESS Agency blog post, Mary Blackiston explains the importance of having a great value proposition and offers some tips for creating one.

Create Epic Nurture Campaigns

Getting new customers is an important part of sales and marketing. But nurturing your existing customers is just as, if not more, important. So this Marketing Land post by Mary Wallace includes some tips for creating epic nurture campaigns.

Use These Tips for Instagram Stories

Instagram stories is a relatively new social media platform that businesses can use to share narratives and behind the scenes shots. This Divahound post by Shannon Huppin includes some tips and ideas you can use to make your Instagram stories memorable. And BizSugar members share their own thoughts here.

Get the Most From Your Board

If your business has a board of directors or any other type of leadership board, they can also be instrumental in making sure that your business runs as efficiently as possible — and this takes in the areas of selling and marketing too. In this Biz Epic post, John Southwell offers tips for making sure that you get the most from your board.

Benefit Your Business With App Store Optimization Techniques

If your business uses mobile apps of any kind, then you need to be able to optimize those apps for app stores if you want to get the most out of them. You can learn more about some of the most effective techniques in this Techlofy post by Ashfaq Ahmad.

Use Twitter Video to Attract the Right Followers

Having the right followers on social media is absolutely essential for making your strategy as effective as possible. And Twitter video is one way that you can work to attract the people who are going to be most relevant to your small business, as Svitlana Latysheva explains here on Post Planner. And the BizSugar community also shares input on the post here.

Make Sure Your Website Passes the Market Test

Your small business website can be a huge asset for your marketing and sales teams. But to make sure it’s as effective as possible, you’ll want to take a look at the tips in this Smallbiztechnology.com by Wendi McNeill.

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    Good points Annie, also I have found it helpful to make sure your message is congruent on all your marketing channels. Make your marketing message simple and easy for prospective customers to understand quickly.

  2. The Live video add-ons on Facebook and Youtube is also something to look out for. It seems that marketing is now really moving towards video.

  3. It is important to stay updated with all the new marketing methods and to master it before others. Then, you also have to market on a consistent basis.