Millennials Looking for Small Business Jobs Deep in the Heart of Texas and OKC

Cities Where Millennials Want to Work for Small Businesses

It’s generally assumed that millennials are seeking jobs in coastal cities — New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles.

But new data from shows that millennials looking to work for small businesses are actually narrowing their searches toward inland cities.

Cities Where Millennials Want to Work for Small Businesses

In fact, when identifying metro areas where millennials are most often looking for work at small businesses. Oklahoma City topped the job board’s list, not L.A. or New York.

This is the latest crop of data looking at generational trends among job seekers.

Outside of Oklahoma — but not too far away — three Texas cities made Indeed’s top 10 destinations for millennial job seekers. Those hot spots for small business jobs include Houston, Austin, and Dallas/Fort Worth.

Greensboro and Raleigh, North Carolina, are second and tenth, respectively, on Indeed’s list, too. Indianapolis ranks fourth.

Not all locations are inland, of course. Jacksonville, Florida, cracked the top 5 on Indeed’s list. And San Jose and Riverside/San Bernardino, California, also reached Indeed’s list.

Indeed examines click-thru rates on job ads posted to its site. For this data, it looked at millennial job seekers who clicked on job postings from small businesses. That generates Indeed’s Interest Score.

“We know that millennials are the largest age group in the workforce today,” says Paul Wolfe, Indeed vice president and head of HR. “Recent findings suggest that millennials are desired by small business employers because of the generation’s fresh perspective and technical skills. Additionally, millennials may be attracted to smaller business so they can more directly see the impact that their work contribution has on the company’s success.”

Young Blood, Fresh Takes

So, what’s to glean from this batch of data?

Small businesses — no matter where they are — should never count themselves out of any discussion. Don’t believe in norms, averages or perceptions. For instance, one would assume that millennials would be more attracted by the proverbial bright lights of the bigger cities in the U.S.

Clearly, the cities that millennials are attracted to for small business jobs are among the more trendy cities in the U.S. nowadays.

Millennials add a unique dimension to any business team. Full of drive and unbridled energy, a millennial or two or three could really inject some new perspectives into a company. It gives a company a fresh take.

Image: Indeed

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  1. It seems that millennials finally gave up on finding jobs that gives them the freedom that they think they deserve. Although maybe they are still doing it for the learning experience.