Top 10 Ways to Create an Inspiring Workplace (Video)

Inspiring and motivating your small business employees takes both science and leadership.

On the one hand, there are specific actions you can take to make your office more inspiring on a day-to-day basis.

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On the other hand, there are things that only you as the leader of your team can do to motivate your employees to work at their peak performance.

Both sides of the equation are explored in the top 10 ways to create an inspiring workplace video above.

Tips to Create an Inspiring Workplace

The video kicks off by suggesting some ways you can create an inspiring work environment using approaches grounded in science including:

  • Organizing your workspace: de-cluttering your work environment also helps de-clutter your brain. It lowers the number of distractions while enabling your personal processes to work smoothly with nothing in the way.
  • Improving your view: there’s no reason you or your employees should spend the work day staring at pinned-up memos and empty walls. Encourage folks to hang images that motivate them, from inspiration quotes to pictures of family and places they want to visit.
  • Using smell: smells can calm you down or fill you with energy. No matter which you are trying to accomplish, make sure you have something on hand to provide the boost you need.

After the science comes leadership and that’s where you come in. Some ways you can inspire and motivate your small business employees include:

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  • Promoting personal growth: show your employees you care about their careers with opportunities to learn new skills. And, this is one employee benefit that will help your company as well.
  • Recognizing achievements: make sure to call out employees when they’ve achieved something. The motivation from such recognition can keep people going for months.
  • Monitoring and measuring: to assure your employees remain inspired, make sure to check in with them every now and then to get their feedback.

All 10 of the ways to create an inspiring workplace discussed in the video above take time and effort, but the payoff is a motivated, productive workforce.

Make sure to also check out the full list of 20 power packed tips to create an inspiring workspace.

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3 Reactions
  1. It should be free of clutter. Having a clutter-free workspace allows me to have a clear mind so that I can clearly focus at the task at hand.

  2. It is important to keep the workplace inspiring as this have a massive effect on productivity. It should be comfortable and must inspire someone to work and focus.

  3. It also helps to have some inspirational quotes and to also address conflicts and strengthen relationships between employees. Inspiration should not only come externally after all.