One Quarter of DIY Web Builders Don’t Know Where to Begin

Small Businesses Find Choosing a DIY Website Builder More Challenging Than Using the Tool

A new survey from a business research firm finds that 23 percent of DIY web builders have a hard time finding the tool that best suits their needs. The research was published by Clutch, a company that blends the techniques used in traditional B2B research with a customer review service.

They surveyed 307 users of DIY website builders to get their opinions on the goals, challenges and obstacles faced by small business owners looking to build their own sites.

Many Small businesses that want to create their own website have a more difficult time choosing a DIY website builder than using the tool they choose.

Selecting a DIY Website Builder Can Be Challenging

Jenna Seter is a content marketer and business analyst who published the article. She says the number of choices can be overwhelming.

“One of the biggest challenges people face with DIY website builders is the initial uncertainty in knowing which provider to choose,” she says.

“Even before any of their technical or functional components come into play, individuals struggle the most with deciding which web builder will be right for them and their business.”

Increasing Traffic

Time is another consideration. The survey also found a full 37 percent of web builder users can’t find the time to improve their sites while running a small business.  Although these small business models are diverse, 38 percent of the respondents named increasing traffic as the number one goal for their DIY sites.

“My advice is to do some research beforehand. Reviews platforms serve as a really great resource for learning more about web builders and the functionalities they offer,” Seter says.  “Reading about other people’s experiences using the tools can help to guide you in building your website — you may find that the goals they have for their website are the same as your own.”

The survey also found 48 percent of users plan to upgrade their web builder within six months. Another 31 percent would consider transferring their website to a content management system (CMS).


Taking on the task of building your company’s website is monumental and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’re unsure of what you’re doing or if you lack a vision for your site, hours can be wasted fussing with the tiniest elements of the site.

Services like Wix that allow small businesses to easily create a website may be a good start but your company’s growth on such a platform can be limited. However, a content management system like WordPress, that is more customizable, gives you the opportunity to tweak the site more to your needs but will require a certain level of expertise. In other words, don’t go into something like a WordPress site for your business alone.

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