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30 eBay Alternatives Beckon at These Online Auction Sites

30 eBay Alternatives

Online auction sites are becoming increasingly competitive, evolving alongside advancing technology and providing a larger number of more sophisticated platforms for online sellers. Founded as early as 1995 when it was known as AuctionWeb, eBay Inc. (NASDAQ:EBAY) was one of the first online selling and buying portals and, for years, held the monopoly in digital auctions. Subsequent years have seen the online auction market diversify, with new auction sites competing in eBay’s space, offering consumers a wider choice of digital auctions on which to sell and buy products.

Technological advances have contributed to the rise and evolution of this part of the eCommerce marketplace. eBay, for example, has been quick to jump on the growing demand for Artificial Intelligence (AI), embedding AI technology [1], to help sellers become more competitive. eBay’s AI solutions involve identifying gaps in product inventories, alerting sellers when they need to stock up on a particular product. eBay’s evolving features have proven to be of benefit to sellers, creating some legitimate success stories [2]. However, despite eBay being at the forefront of the increasingly competitive online auction market, online sellers should always consider alternative solutions.

eBay Alternatives

Here are 30 alternatives to eBay that offer an online auction trading platform for online sellers.


uBid [3] is a well-known name in online auctions. This popular auction site was established in 1997, making it one of the oldest digital auctions in existence. uBid has more than five million registered members, who sell and buy products from 25 categories.

uBid sellers benefit from the site’s selling features. Placing products in uBid Deals, Auctions Closing Soon, Trending Deals and Mega Auctions, ensures items benefit from maximum exposure.


MadBid is a U.K.-based auction site. Selling itself on how buyers can enjoy an 89% discount on certain listings and being the “number 1 discount auction site on the internet”, MadBid certainly pulls in the buyers, which is great for anyone selling on the site. Asides discounts of up to 89% to entice sellers, other key features of MadBid include safe payment portals, benefiting both the seller and buyer, and support through phone, live chat and email.  Though seller should be aware, only brand new, sealed products can be sold on MadBid, meaning second-hand goods can’t be listed.


Marketing itself as an “online community”, AuctionZip [4] has more than 25,000 professional auctioneers and more than two million bidders monthly, making it one of the biggest online auctions in the world.  Ecommerce vendors can create a free auctioneer account, list auctions for $10 each, learn about how to run online auctions and reach more than two million bidders each month.


eBid [5] has been buying and selling online since 1999. Millions of sellers use eBid to sell their products at auction in more than 13,300 categories. Some of the main features of eBid that make it attractive to online sellers, are its free online store setup, free listings, low sale fees ranging from 0% to 3%, ease of use and human, non-robotic support. Sellers also benefit from a full email and in-app notification system, meaning they get notifications of their eBid activity onto their mobile device.


Listia is an interesting online auction site, as instead of vendors listing products for cash, they list them for credits. Sellers can use the credits they earn from auctioning their items to bid on other items. The bidder with the largest number of credits wins the item. The principle highlight of this credit-based system is that auctioneers can turn their clutter into something they really want. Listers signing up to Listia [6] also benefit from immediately earning 1,000 free credits.

Pickles Auctions

Pickles Auctions is the biggest online auction company in Australia, boasting hundreds of listing in predominantly vehicle and IT equipment categories. Being a specialized auction site that deals chiefly in vehicles, Pickles Auctions [7] provides a quality platform for the sale of a vehicle. Vendors simply need to contact their local branch for an inspection time, the site then provides them with an estimated price, and the item then gets put into the next available auction.


ShopGoodwill [8] is a non-profit auction site that lists and sells products to raise funds for people living with disabilities. The auction is run in collaboration with Goodwill stores throughout the United States, enabling Goodwill sellers to list and auction items online and generate money for  the Goodwill charity.

The SaleRoom

The SaleRoom [9] is the largest digital platform for fine art and antique auctions. Auctioneers around the world can benefit from having their auction and its items listed on the site where buyers can bid remotely at live auctions.

Auction Maxx

Auction Maxx [10] is a well-established auction site, which was founded in Canada in 2012. With over 10,000 registered users, sellers on Auction Maxx can reach a high volume of buyers. One of the key features of Auction Maxx which benefits sellers, is that the site is committed to constantly promoting the items for sale through a number of advertising channels, meaning items gain maximum exposure.

Online Auction

Proudly asserting itself as being the place where “buyers and seller unite”, Online Auction is a popular online auction portal for sellers and buyers. One feature of Online Auction that stands out for sellers is its no final value fees policy, giving vendors every penny of price the item reached in auction. Another favourable feature to sellers on this site, is its time-saving listing templates, meaning items can be listed quickly and efficiently.

Atomic Mall

Atomic Mall [11] is one of the biggest online auction sites in existence, attracting thousands of members. One of the highlights of selling on Atomic Mall is the zero listings fee sellers enjoy. Sellers can also list their items in auction or for a fixed price. The site also accepts a range of payment options, including Bitcoin, PayPal and Visa.


Bonanza [12] was voted by more than 12,000 sellers as the best place to sell online in 2016. Setting up a ‘selling booth’ on the site is fairly straightforward, the only drawback is that sellers must have garnered ten positive feedback comments before they are able to direct checkout options to their booth.


Established in 1996, WebStore is another long-running internet auction. Perhaps the biggest attraction of WebStore [11] for those selling online is the fact it doesn’t charge any fees for membership, selling, or anything else. The site also prides itself on having quality safety policies in place, giving both sellers and buyers peace of mind.


eCrater is an online marketplace based in California. Sellers can open a 100% free online store on eCrater [13] and enjoy no monthly subscription costs or seller verification fees. The site is straightforward to use and offers a variety of payment options.

Charity Auctions Today

Charity Auctions Today [14] is a powerful online auction platform that proudly asserts it makes it easy to raise money online. This auction software site is trusted by more than 4500 clients, making it easy for charities to generate mobile and online auctions and start making money. As well as offering affordable pricing for auction software, sellers aren’t locked into contracts on this site, and can take advantage of live phone and 24/7 email support.

Hip eCommerce

Hip eCommerce [15] was formerly known as Bidstart. The site specialises in three collectible markets, comic books, post cards and stamps. The aim of the site is to connect buyers and sellers, so they can share their passion and grow their hobby. Like eBay, sellers list their collectable items, and buyers bid on the products. Sellers have to pay a fee for selling items of Hip eCommerce.


24Fundraiser [16] is another online auction software site that enables charities and non-profits to run online, mobile and silent auctions without an auctioneer. Since founding in 2007, 24Fundraiser has been providing charities with fully-customisable, innovative mobile auctions, which are easy to navigate.


QuiBids is a well-established online auction, which was founded in 2009 in Oklahoma. Sellers can list items in live auctions and buyers an bid on  wide range of products. All products sold on QuiBids [17] must be brand new, factory sealed and under full warranty, meaning this isn’t a platform for unwanted, second-hand goods.


Shpock [18] is a “boot sale” app and is the abbreviation of ‘SHop in your POCKet’. The platform was launched by two Austrian entrepreneurs. It encourages sellers to list unwanted but ‘beautiful things’ to buyers in their local area. Shpock is easy to users, sellers simply have to upload photos of an item with a description, then watch the bids roll in. Items can either be collected in person or shipped.

Salvage Sale

SalvageSale [19] is a popular online auction site for the sale of equipment, transportation, materials and consumer goods. Sellers have to register for an account and then list their item in an auction. With more than 150,000 registered buyers and having processed over three million bids, SalvageSale is an effective platform for selling transportation and equipment goods.


LiveAuctioneers [20] is a leading live auction marketplace, which connects sellers of fine art, antiques and collectibles with buyers. Thousands of live auctions are broadcast on the site each year on behalf of galleries, sellers, dealers, and auction houses. Sellers can take advantage of a live format auction, which helps deliver immediate results. The site also includes LiveAuctioneers’ tools and features, where users can track and analyse their performance.

Bidding For Good

Bidding For Good [21] is an online charity auction portal which has ran over 21,000 charity auctions and sold more than 1.5 million products. The site encourages sellers to run their own auction and raise money for a school or a non-profit organisation. Sellers benefit from event management, access to more than 450,000 online bidders and collaboration with dedicated auction event experts.


CQout.com is an international auction and online marketplace community, which is active in 80 countries around the world. Launched in 1999, CQout is a long-established digital selling and buying portal. Sellers can place items in a huge range of categories. The site is committed to offering sellers a secure way to sell products. With no listing fees and competitive final value bid fees, CQout is a cheaper option than eBay. The auction site also has bulk uploading tools for easy listing and an automatic relisting option.


CoPart [22] was founded as far back as 1982. The vehicle auction site has more than 75,000 vehicles on sale each day. CoPart offers a fast, safe and easy way to sell a used, unwanted or damaged vehicle. Available for sellers and buyers in the US, sellers simply have to fill out a form or ring the phone number, CoPart will then give an instant offer, the car then goes into the auction, with payment and pickup happening in often as little as 48 hours.


Autorola.com [23] was founded in 2001 and is one of biggest online auction platforms for car sales in the world. Autorola currently sells in the US, Australia, Turkey and in 17 European countries. Car dealers can list their vehicle on Autorola, joining more than 70,000 registered dealers around the world.

Venmore Auctions

Venmore Auctions [24] is a UK-based property auction site, which enables property vendors to sell their property at auction. The site offers a free, no obligation marketing property appraisal from one of their property auction experts. Venmore Auctions have offices in Liverpool, United Kingdom.


iOffer is a San Francisco-based online marketplace, which connects millions of buyers and sellers around the world. iOffer provides an easy-to-navigate platform for sellers to list their items in a diverse range of categories. Fees are competitive for selling on the site. Payments are made securely via PayPal.


OLX is a Nigeria-based online auction site. With more than a thousand-active listing on the site and hundreds of members using the auction, OLX [25] is one of Africa’s largest digital auction platforms. OLX sellers have the choice of either having an OLX expert sell their items for them for a small fee, or using the ‘sell it yourself’ platform, which is free to use.

Roseberys London

Roseberys [26] has been operating in London for more than 25 years. This privately-owned auction house specialises in antiques and fine art. Its team of antiques and art specialists and consultants help sellers of art connect with buyers. Sellers can put single items or full collections on Roseberys’ auctions.

Auction Ohio

Auction Ohio [27] was founded in 1985 and conducts more than 1000 auctions every year. Sellers can list items in a broad range of auctions, ranging from real estate and antiques to office equipment and precious metals, and a whole host of other categories. Auction Ohio offers sellers the option of whether to sell their items from their own home or at an auction house. The site also handles all communications with buyers, including the collection of proceeds, which are then paid to the seller, minus commission and applicable fees.

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