YouTube Plans to Offer Sling-like TV Packages (Watch)

Chances are, you’ve watched videos on YouTube at some point. But now, you can watch actual cable TV shows on the platform as well.

YouTube TV is a new service that gives users access to content from about 40 different networks, along with original content from YouTube Red. At $35 a month, the service is significantly less expensive than an actual cable TV package, but it’s also not quite as robust.

However, with more people ditching their cable in favor of streaming services, something like YouTube TV that could give people access to at least some of their favorite shows and networks might do well. It’s not the only service of its kind out there though. So YouTube is going to have to compete with some similar services like Sling TV and PlayStation Vue.

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But the big thing that YouTube has going into this new game is an established viewership. The company recently announced that people view about one billion hours of content on YouTube every day. All of those people already recognize the brand and understand the platform.

So that means that when all those people are looking for a streaming service where they can view content from some of their favorite cable channels, they’re pretty likely to turn to YouTube first.

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