Unique Flying Car Could Eliminate Traffic Jams (Watch)

Traffic jams could soon be a thing of the past thanks to some innovative technology and a new partnership.

Italdesign just unveiled a new concept that it’s working on with Airbus — yes, the company that manufactures airplanes. But the concept isn’t just a run of the mill flying car, if that’s what you were thinking. It actually consists of a few different components.

First, there’s the passenger compartment of the vehicle. This is pretty standard. Then there’s a flying drone that can actually come and find your vehicle if you’re stuck in a traffic jam and literally pick up the passenger compartment off the ground, flying away like a helicopter. There’s also a bottom part of the vehicle that stays on the ground. That part has self-driving technology that would allow it to find its way to the nearest charging station.

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Your small business may never develop a flying car. However, even the smallest company can come up with an innovative approach to a problem — or a unique product that redefines a market. No matter what your business, think about how you can come up with the “flying car” in your industry. It will set you apart and help you define your brand in a totally unique way. And consider partnering with another business, if necessary, to pool your resources for innovation.

Flying Car Photo via Shutterstock

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  1. This looks so much like the cars of the future that we used to see on movies. But I don’t know if this can really be effective – won’t we have aerial traffic then?

    • I guess if the concept were to really take off then there would have to be some kind of regulations in that area. I would think that’s pretty far off though.

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