Everybody Loves Office Art – Especially If It’s Funny (Infographic)

Everybody Loves Office Art -- Especially If It’s Funny (Infographic)

Long hours at work tend to get monotonous. Office art tends to break this monotony and that’s why about 99 percent of North American professionals like art in their work spaces

According to data collected by CanvasPop, a canvas printing company, 61 percent of professionals like funny art. Others prefer inspiring quotes (44 percent) and company history (44 percent).

When asked why they like office art, 77 percent of professionals said it makes them feel happy. They also said office art inspires them (74 percent) and makes them feel creative (73 percent).

Interestingly, research by the University of Exeter Identity Realization Group IDR found offices where employees can choose their décor, including art, have been shown to be as much as 30 percent more productive. Moreover these offices saw fewer employee health complaints.

While everybody seems to like office art, not all employees have it at their workplaces. Only 58 percent of professionals have art on their walls at work, the survey suggests.

But then more than 36 percent of workers can’t recite their company’s values and 39 percent don’t know their mission statement either. So here perhaps office art can provide a creative solution. Put your company’s values and mission statement up on the wall as art and improve your employees’ recall.

Ontario, Canada-based CanvasPop surveyed professionals on LinkedIn to conduct its survey. See an infographic created with the data below.

Everybody Loves Office Art -- Especially If It’s Funny (Infographic)

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