Spotlight: OneSpace Helps Businesses Manage Workflow Through Software, Freelancers

OneSpace On-Demand Workforce Platform Helps Businesses Through Software, Freelancers

When managing projects for a small business, you need the right system and the right talent in place to get the job done. And the company behind the OneSpace on-demand workforce platform specializes in helping businesses in both of those areas.

Through workflow automation software and a network of freelancers, OneSpace can help businesses of all sizes get more done. Read more about the company below in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Helps businesses manage workflow with the OneSpace on-demand workforce platform.

Vice President of Marketing Aaron Eversgerd told Small Business Trends, “OneSpace is an all-in-one workflow and performance management software that offers business solutions for companies ranging from startups to enterprise level companies.”

Business Niche

Providing an all-inclusive solution, the OneSpace on-demand workforce platform.

Eversgerd says, “OneSpace is the only company that provides an all-in-one software and freelance talent to help companies easily build, manage and scale an on-demand workforce, replacing the need for multiple platforms and reducing overhead costs.”

Small Business Deals

OneSpace On-Demand Workforce Platform Helps Businesses Through Software, Freelancers

How the Business Got Started

Because of the need for a similar platform.

Eversgerd explains, “We originally started out as a web publishing business back in 2010 — and at our peak we generated nearly 200,000 pages of unique content across 2000 different websites. As we ramped up this business it became obvious that we couldn’t manage this project in spreadsheets and email. Initially we searched for a platform to help us achieve our goals, but we quickly realized that there were no good solutions in the marketplace.”

Biggest Win

Launching a Software as a Service.

Eversgerd says, “When we first launched OneSpace we offered the solution as a managed service because we wanted to make sure the software was refined before we put it in the hands of our customers. However, managed services is a professional services business model as opposed to a software model. It is extremely time intensive and often cost prohibitive because you can’t infinitely scale and hold your team size at a steady rate. We realized that the chances of being able to get to the next level with this same model and scale our business to get to where we wanted to be was going to be difficult, if not impossible.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Incentivizing great freelance work.

Eversgerd says, “We would use the extra $100,000 to develop and implement an incentive program for our top performing freelancers.”

OneSpace On-Demand Workforce Platform Helps Businesses Through Software, Freelancers

Favorite Team Activity

A surprise day off.

Eversgerd says, “When we launched our SaaS platform we surprised the entire team with a day spent out of the office. We rented buses and took the team out for breakfast and the rest of the day was spent outside celebrating our platform release.”

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  1. This came just in time when businesses are more comfortable with taking freelancers than hiring people. A platform to sort all of them is just perfect.