Pinterest Unveils Lens for Visual Search

Pinterest Lens Visual Search Unveiled

Pinterest has finally launched Lens point-and-shoot discovery tool to everyone on Android and iOS in the U.S.

Pinterest Lens is one of three visual discovery features introduced by Pinterest recently. The feature simply allows users to snap a photo or use an existing image on their camera roll to find pins and themes related to the photo.

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Using Pinterest Lens

To get to Lens, you first need to update your app, tap the search bar and then tap the red camera icon. Point Lens to your object of interest — could be shoes, other fashion accessories, tables and chairs, etc. Lens will then help you find similar goods shared by other Pinterest users. You will also get information on businesses that sell such items. You can also use photos on your camera roll to do a search.

So Lens could be used either by your customers to find your products on Pinterest or by you to find the products of similar businesses including competitors.

Lens arrived in beta for a handful of users in February and now it seems it is ready for prime time. Or almost…

However, as you would expect with anything that falls under the broader machine learning umbrella, Lens is still learning and might not be able to always exactly recognize what you are looking for.

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“Lens is still in beta, which means it isn’t perfect just yet,” product manager for search at Pinterest Eric Sung said in a post. “It is pretty good with recipe ingredients and outfit ideas.”

Once it is out of beta, Lens will surely make it far easier for you and your customers to find goods that you like without having to type a single character.

Update your application to version 6.10 for Android and version 6.20 for iPhone in order to access Lens on Pinterest.

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  1. Interesting. I have to see how it is used though and how it can be harnessed by the business.

  2. Good article that I have forwarded to my fashion boutique client. They will capitalize on the sales functions – so that when a Pinterest user “lens” an item of clothing, that the store sells, they want to come up as a buying option. Please expand this article about how businesses can increase their chances of being seen by these “lens” searchers. Thank You