What a Splash-Proof Liquid Could Mean for Businesses (Watch)

Splashing can be a big problem for farmers, medical facilities and plenty of other businesses.

It might seem like a minuscule problem. But when dealing with liquids like pesticides on hydrophobic plants, even small splashes can lead to wasted supplies and unnecessary chemical use. And in medical facilities, chemical spills are one of the leading causes of injury.

But now, scientists may have found a way to avoid those types of splashes. A new study shows that a chemical called Aerosol OT could reduce and even eliminate splashes when added to water.

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Though not in wide use yet, this chemical could mean big things for agriculture businesses and others that may want to reduce spills or waste of certain liquids. It’s a small thing. But over time, being able to use less pesticides and other chemicals because more of it will actually stay where it needs to go can help businesses reduce costs, get more efficient and even help the environment.

Small Innovations Can Have a Big Impact

These small innovations and changes can end up having big impacts even if they don’t seem super exciting to outsiders. But that’s why researchers are constantly working to solve these little problems. And businesses need to keep their eyes on new research to see if any potential innovations could help their operations in the future.

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  1. This is a good disocvery. But then, how can they integrate this type of liquid in harsh chemicals. I wonder.

    • I’m not sure if they really know the extent to which it can be used just yet, but it will be interesting to see