Waitr App Creates Opportunities for Restaurants, Gigs for Drivers

Waitr App Creates Opportunities for Restaurants, Gigs for Drivers

According to the National Restaurant Association (NRA) 7 in 10 restaurants are single-unit operations, with the vast majority of those classified as a small business. For these owners, every new technology or marketing platform that brings in customers is welcomed with open arms, which is how the Waitr app is being received.

The Waitr app allows local as well as national chains to make their menu available to customers without having to hire a delivery driver. The app brings together the restaurants with its drivers so customers can order food even from eateries that don’t deliver.

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A Look at the Waitr App

For the Restaurant

The app gives restaurants the Manager toolkit with hardware that integrates with existing kitchen flow. It lets you control the outflow of your orders, with pause and resume capability based on inventory, to catch up on orders or promotion. It also has real-time push connectivity so all of the drivers in the area receive the message instantly.

Waitr App Creates Opportunities for Restaurants, Gigs for Drivers

The analytics in the toolkits lets you track orders, earnings, manage customers and menus to gain insights so you can streamline your operations.

For Drivers

According to Waitr, drivers can earn $12-15/hr on average with flexible shifts. The app lets drivers find deliveries right where they live. All they need is a valid driver’s license, reliable car, clean driving record, valid insurance, and a smartphone.

Small Business Deals

Waitr App Creates Opportunities for Restaurants, Gigs for Drivers

If you are hired, the app lets you track your earnings daily, weekly, and monthly, with weekly direct deposits to your account.

Why Use the Waitr App?

As a small business operator, paying a small fee per order is much cheaper than paying for advertising and hiring a driver. And as the popularity of Waitr continues to grow, so will the brand of your restaurant in your community. The company just received $10 million round of funding, bringing its total to $16 million. And it has presence in 18 cities in four states, with white tablecloth restaurants and big franchises jumping aboard.

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