What is Trello and How Can It Help Your Small Business?

What is Trello and How Can It Help Your Small Business?

What is Trello? It’s a collaboration tool that gives you a visual overview of what is being worked on, who is working on it, and how far they’ve gotten.

The tool organizes your projects into boards, cards and lists.

The platform is loosely inspired by the KanBan board system that was developed by Toyota as a way of marinating flexibility while keeping production levels high.

What is Trello and How Can It Help Your Small Business?

Trello is somewhere between a to do list tool, a visual tracking tool and a project management tool that allows you to assign tasks to your team, add checklists, discussions, documents, and track their progress.

What is a Trello Board?

To start using Trello, you first need to Sign Up. It’s a pretty simple and quick process. Once you are logged in, you will be met with “boards.”

What is Trello and How Can It Help Your Small Business?

A board is basically a page that contains well laid out lists that gives you a comprehensive view of your projects. Items within the lists are called cards. Cards can be easily dragged and dropped within lists.

Individual cards can also contain deadlines, attachments, checklists, images, discussion notes and colored labels.

Trello cards are like sticky notes, but better because they are digital, searchable and shareable, and they also come with reminders.

How Do I Use Trello for Business?

Trello can be extremely useful if you want to create an outline of tasks for your business planning purposes, and to assign and track tasks to completion.

Use cards to assign each of your team member’s tasks and remember to schedule a deadline and a reminder. You can also move a team member’s card to another member if they are too swamped to complete the task in good time. Drag member icons from the sidebar on the right hand of your screen to any card so as to assign tasks. You can also use this same approach to assign a task to as many members as possible. Drag and drop their icons to the cards that you want them to work on.

This video should give you an idea of what Trello can do:

Trello is free to use with as many users as you wish, but if you are looking for unlimited Power-Ups including integrations with Github, Slack, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Evernote, MailChimp, Salesforce, Dropbox among other features then you should consider using the $9.99 per user/month Business Class plan. The platform also offers an Enterprise plan that they admit is best suited for large companies that are looking for highest levels of security and support.

While there are a dozen collaboration tools out there, Trello stands out for its use of well-thought-out, visually appealing images and colored labels that register and stick in someone’s mind.

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  1. I work with a client that uses Trello and it handles their content calendar flawlessly. I recommend it.

  2. The first time I encountered Trello was when I am creating a list of useful Twitter applications in 2008. Now, it has changed a lot and is now targeting businesses.