Small Businesses Still Looking to Hire Baby Boomers

Where Small Businesses Are Hiring Baby Boomers

Small businesses are being flooded by Millennial job seekers nationwide.

But not all small businesses are looking to hire the youngest members of the workforce.

In fact, in some cities across the U.S., small businesses are looking to hire employees with considerably more experience — the Baby Boomers. Data from shows that small businesses are looking to fill their employment rosters with folks in this age bracket mostly in the heartland.

Where Small Businesses Are Hiring Baby Boomers

Grand Rapids, Michigan, ranked highest as the city most demanding Baby Boomer help, Indeed finds. Indeed uses an Interest Score — based on click-thru rates by users on small business job listings — to develop this data.

Houston, Oklahoma City and Cleveland also ranked high among heartland cities where businesses are seeking baby boomers, according to this same information.

However, it’s not just the places people tend to settle where small businesses are looking for Baby Boomer help. Cities where the new economy seems to be thriving are also demanding high volumes of Baby Boomers for open jobs. San Antonio, Atlanta, Raleigh, and Austin, Texas, tend to attract the young and older workforce.

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Jacksonville, Florida, and New Orleans also made the top 10 in Indeed’s list.

So, what is it that’s attracting small businesses to Baby Boomers?

“Baby boomers are often overlooked due to the many stories and studies around the undoubtedly large and important Millennial workforce. But as many people around the country work longer, they remain a crucial part of the workforce for both large and small businesses alike,” says Indeed senior vice president Paul Wolfe, head of HR there. “As our list of cities shows, many baby boomers are interested in jobs with small businesses, and can often bring strong experience and leadership to an organization.”


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  1. I think it has something to do with the personality of baby boomers. It cannot be denied that they are very hardworking and dedicated to their jobs – something that businesses need.