New Trend: Marijuana — at the Drive-Thru?

Drive Through Marijuana Shop

Ever since states like Colorado started legalizing marijuana for medical and/or recreational use, most customers have had to go into stores to make their purchases. But that’s no longer the case for customers of one Colorado business.

Drive Through Marijuana Shop

Tumbleweed Express is a drive-thru marijuana dispensary in Colorado. It’s housed in an old car wash. So it also makes creative use of an older building. But of course, the business still has to comply with all laws by ensuring that all drivers and passengers in every vehicle are over 21.

And Tumbleweed Express isn’t the only cannabis business to get creative with product delivery methods either. Eaze is a business that will actually deliver medical marijuana right to your door on-demand.

This type of growth makes a lot of sense in this new industry. Other areas like food service offer plenty of different ways for customers to purchase and obtain their products based on their personal preference. So as the legal marijuana industry continues to grow and evolve, we’re likely to see tons of new and creative changes to distribution, form and function of the end product itself, and in plenty other areas of operation as well.

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