20 Facebook Post Ideas Your Small Business Fans Will “Like”

20 Facebook Post Ideas Your Small Business Fans Will "Like"

If you want to connect with customers online, then you could almost certainly benefit from having a Facebook page for your business. But what should you post on that page to really appeal to your audience?

To answer that question, it can help to look at examples from some of the most popular Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) pages out there. Here are 20 types of Facebook posts that your customers are sure to “like.”

Facebook Post Ideas

Styled Product Photos

People on Facebook want to see fun visuals. So instead of posting information or plain product photos, share styled photos that show products in a unique way. This post from Chloe is a great example.


Videos are especially popular on Facebook. So if your company has any video ads or commercials, especially short ones like this one from Coca-Cola, it’s a great place to share them.

Discount Notifications

If you’re having any kind of sale, you can use Facebook to share the details with your followers, or even offer exclusive discounts just for followers.

Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Facebook is also a great place to show your followers a bit of a behind-the-curtain look at your team and operations, as Virgin Atlantic does with these crew travel photos.


Facebook makes it easy for you to create events and invite people to attend. Threadless’s page includes several examples.


You can also share stories and testimonials right from your customers, as St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital does sharing some of the uplifting stories from its patients.


Quizzes can provide a simple way for you to get followers engaged with your content. This example from Disney Pixar is a great example.

Photo Sharing Threads

When you share a photo on Facebook, you can include a prompt to encourage your customers to share their own photos as well. National Puppy Day provided Petco with a perfect opportunity to do just that.

Re-posting Customer Photos

Chevrolet Camaro regularly posts photos that followers share of their own vehicles, which then also lead to shared photos from even more customers.

Throwback Photos

You can share a bit about your company’s history or some fun, nostalgic content. You can even get in on fun weekly themes like #tbt, as Turkish Airlines does in this post.

Live Demonstrations

For companies that sell products that might need some explanation or demonstration, Facebook Live can be a great way to show your followers.

Future Product Previews

You can also post photos or videos of products that you have yet to release, just to give your followers a preview and get them excited about an upcoming release. This can be specifically relevant for tech brands like Sony.

Brand Partnerships

You don’t have to use your Facebook page just to promote your own products or services. You can increase your reach by partnering with other brands to cross promote, like this post from Pepsi and Lays.


Food and drink companies in particular can benefit from posting quick and easy recipes that include their products, like this video from Ben & Jerry’s.


You can also share DIY type posts or tutorials, either for projects that are actually useful or those that are just fun — like this one from Pringles.


Hashtags aren’t as popular on Facebook as they are on some other platforms. But they can still help you share themed posts and encourage sharing from followers as well.

Social Sharing

Chances are you have some other social media accounts in addition to Facebook. So you can share links to those accounts to help your Facebook followers find you elsewhere.

Mascot Fun

If your company has a mascot or character in its logo, you can post photos or videos of it with customers to add some fun to your page.

Helpful Articles

Not all of your posts have to deal specifically with your brand. You can also share articles and updates in other subjects that might be helpful or interesting to your target audience.

Holiday Greetings

On holidays, both major ones and lesser known celebrations, sharing a simple greeting can make for a popular post. You can even integrate your product into a photo or video like Fanta does here.

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