50 Mobile Business Ideas to Keep You Moving in a Profitable Direction

mobile business ideas

If you think your business needs a fixed location in order to be successful, think again. There are actually tons of different mobile businesses that are becoming more viable in today’s market. Here are 50 different mobile small business ideas you can start right away.

Mobile Business Ideas

Mobile Retail Store

Not all stores need a fixed location. With a mobile trailer, camper or other vehicle with some space, you can take your inventory to the people.

Food Truck

Food trucks are getting more and more popular. They give you the opportunity to offer several menu items out of a truck so that you can travel to fairs, events and other populated locations.

Coffee Cart Operator

Likewise, you can operate a coffee business out of a cart so that you can set up shop on busy corners or at popular events.


You can even start your own mobile catering business to provide food for events in various areas.

Event Planner

If you’re more of a planner, you can start an event planning business where you travel to your clients to help them with all of their event needs.

Virtual Assistant

You can also opt for a job that you can do almost entirely online so that you can work from anywhere. Becoming a virtual assistant is a great option.


Or you could set up your own blog and make money from advertisers, sponsored posts or info products.

Social Media Influencer

Even if you don’t have your own blog or website, you can build up a following on social media and then build a business as an influencer.

Mobile Masseuse

If you’re trained as a masseuse or massage therapist, you can build your own mobile business where you travel to your clients.

Personal Trainer

Similarly, you can travel to your clients or gyms in the area to offer your services as a personal trainer.


For entrepreneurs with musical talent, you can start your own business as a musician who plays at weddings, parties or other events.

Farmers Market Vendor

If you grow your own food or make other natural products, you can rent booths at different flea markets around your state or even in different parts of the country to sell your goods.

Flea Market Vendor

For those who sell other types of products, you can also rent booths at different flea markets to sell a wide variety of different goods.

Vintage Reseller

You can also travel around to different antique shops and estate sales to find quality vintage goods to resell at fairs or events.

Mobile Mechanic

If you have been trained as an auto mechanic, you can mobilize your business by having customers call you and then going to their location.

Auto Detailer

You can also offer mobile car washing and detailing services by traveling to your customers and their vehicles.

Bicycle Mechanic

If you’re more interested in working on bicycles, you can also travel to those customers to provide repair services.

Cell Phone Repair Service

You can also offer mobile repair services to customers who have broken or cracked their cell phones.

Computer Setup Service

For tech savvy entrepreneurs, you can build a business by offering to go to customers’ homes or offices to set up their new computers or other tech equipment.

Virtual IT Service

Or you can work remotely and offer IT services to customers who call you or contact you online.

Nail Technician

Most nail technicians work in nail salons. But you can build a mobile business by traveling to clients who want nail services in their homes or other special locations.

Hair Stylist

You can build a similar business by offering hair styling services to clients at the location of their choice, especially for those who need wedding or special event hair services.

Makeup Artist

Likewise, you can offer makeup services to clients at their homes or other locations.

Mobile Spa

Or you could even offer a variety of spa or personal care services by starting a mobile spa service.

Travel Photographer

If you’re looking to start a photography business, you can focus on taking photos as you travel around to different locations and then sell or exhibit those photos.

Event Photographer

Or you could take photos at weddings or events and even travel to different cities and states to work with different clients.

Disc Jockey

Disc jockeys are also popular at weddings and special events. So you can start a business that works with clients in different locations.

Party Entertainer

Or you can offer other entertainment services for parties — from magician shows to juggling or even balloon sculpting.


For those who enjoy teaching others in various subjects, you can start a mobile tutoring service where you travel to your students or work with them remotely.

Resume Service

You can also start a business where you write or help people craft their resumes and either travel to them or communicate with them online.


If you know multiple languages, you can offer your services as a translator and work with clients online.

Business Consultant

For entrepreneurs with tons of business knowledge and experience, you can offer your services as a consultant and either travel to clients or work with them remotely.

Employee Training Service

If you have the ability to provide specialized training to employees of certain types of businesses, you can travel around and provide training services to those teams.


Or you can work remotely to provide bookkeeping services to business clients.

Mobile Pet Groomer

For those who want to work with animals, you can start a mobile pet grooming business where you travel to your customers and bring along all the equipment and supplies you need.

Pet Sitter

You can also start a business as a pet sitter where you travel to customers’ homes to provide care for their furry friends.

House Sitter

Or you could also offer house sitting services to clients who are traveling and need someone to look over their property.

Child Care Provider

You can also offer child care services to clients on an as-needed basis and simply travel to their homes when they need your services.


With some basic equipment, you can start a business as a locksmith where you travel to customers when they call and need assistance with their locks or keys.

Interior Designer

For design savvy entrepreneurs, you can build up your portfolio of interior design work by traveling to different clients to fulfill their needs.

Landscape Designer

You can also focus more on outdoor design work by offering landscape design services to homeowners or local business owners.


Or you can take a more hands-on approach and travel to clients when they need assistance with gardening.

Holiday Decorator

Some consumers will also hire people to decorate their homes or other buildings for Christmas and other holidays.

Pool Cleaner

For a seasonal business that you can do on a mobile basis, you can offer pool cleaning services to people in and around your community.

Handyman Service

You can also offer general handyman services to homeowners and others who need assistance with a variety of home based projects.

House Painter

Or you can get more assistance and offer to paint interiors or exteriors of homes in your area.

Packing Service

You can also start a business where you provide assistance with packing and/or moving.

Cleaning Service

You can also offer cleaning services to homeowners and/or local businesses by traveling to their locations on a regular basis.

Personal Shopper

For those who love shopping, you can start your own business as a personal shopper where you go shopping with clients to help them make the best purchasing decisions.

Courier Service

Or you could go fully mobile by starting a courier service where you deliver various goods to customers.

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