Have You Seen the New Home Page for Google Analytics?

Have You Met the New Home Page for Google Analytics?

Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has a new home landing page for its popular analytics service. The page features clear data sets and simplified language, generally making it easier for anyone to navigate and understand.

“We’re introducing additional enhancements designed to help you make better data-driven decisions based on a deeper understanding of your users,” Google Analytics product manager Ajay Nainani wrote in an official post on the Google Analytics Solutions blog.

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New Home Page for Google Analytics

You will be able to see the new page when you log in. The page shows curated sets of data with reports on devices used to visit your website, user location, traffic sources and real-time data among others.

The new report interface will replace the Audience Overview report, which focuses on metrics such as pages per visit, page views, sessions, unique users and so on. However, you will be glad to note that the report won’t completely disappear as you will still be able to access it by clicking the Audience tab in the analytics menu.

Besides the new home page, you should also expect to see all of the latest Google Analytics enhancements on the new “Discover” Page. This new section will include offers, products and other features you might find useful as you engage with your Google Analytics account. They could include helpful tools like Custom Alerts, products like Google Optimize, tools like the Google Analytics mobile app or useful educational materials from the Analytics Academy.

Google has in the recent past been trying to make the service more user friendly. Last year the company launched a fully redesigned mobile app for better insights on the go and later followed it up with automated insights in the mobile app. Google also most recently simplified the service’s web UI.

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Google says new features will begin rolling out over the next few weeks.

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4 Reactions
  1. I really appreciate the new changes Google made to their Analytics home page. Now it is very easy to analyze the performance of your website from the home page itself.

    I have been using the Analytics since 2010 and the recent changes that Google has made in last 1-2 years are incredible.

  2. Right. I just saw this. It seems that the date is no longer set to monthly automatically. You have to set that yourself.

  3. I am more comfortable with the old version. This makes it hard to track my traffic sources. I don’t know what happened.

  4. GA will always be a staple in my online business. It is free and I get to track all incoming traffic. I love it.