New Twitter Location Sharing Feature Aimed at Businesses Talking to Customers in DMs

New Twitter Location Sharing Feature Aimed at Businesses Talking to Customers in DMs

Location is everything. It’s true.

And small businesses using Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) as a customer service platform can now personalize their responses better with a new locations sharing feature.

Using the Direct Messages feature on Twitter, companies can request to know the current location of a customer with a question. Knowing this information can help a business identify a customer and tailor their response based on where they are.

“Starting today, businesses building on our Direct Messages platform can request and share locations with people. Alongside quick replies, welcome messages and Customer Feedback Cards, this is yet another feature in the canvas we’re providing for businesses to create great human- and bot-powered customer experiences on Twitter,” says Twitter’s product manager Ian Cairns in an official blog post.

Twitter Location Sharing in Action

So, for example, a local towing company can now use Twitter location sharing to find stranded motorists in a flash if customers contact them for service.

Or, you can now easily lead customers to your closest open store, resolve customer complaints by identifying the correct store as well as enable ordering on the go.

New Twitter Location Sharing Feature Aimed at Businesses Talking to Customers in DMs

Customers, however, maintain control over the location information they share with your business.

“Businesses must first ask a person to share a location,” Cairns added. “That person can then choose to ignore the request, share a precise location, or pick a place name from a list — regardless of whether or not they are physically there.”

As Cairns correctly puts it, any business that seeks to deliver great customer experience must first understand a customer’s location for context.

The feature is still in beta, but you can apply to implement the new feature here.

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  1. I guess it is more for personalizing their responses which is a good idea. It is important to have the option to turn it off though. Some people don’t like to reveal where they are to businesses.

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