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  1. It is rare for business owners to sit down and think about the best lightbulb for their business. But you do have a point here. I love the individual descriptions of each type of lightbulb.

  2. Energy conservation is something that I consider important as well. It can help you save money here and there. May not seem great but you can put that money into other things.

  3. It is simple. Everything I use is LED. You can find an LED to fit into almost every fixture. With cheap bulbs from China, nothing more to fight anymore. Even long flourescent (sp?) bulbs can replaced right in with LEDs

  4. It’s good to know that companies use LED lights because they use energy efficiently. I’d imagine that the light fixtures can be difficult to install for business owners, and when they have problems, they probably don’t have time to fix them. It might be a good idea to get a commercial electrician with experience with LED lights.