WordPress Announces Yet Another Maintenance Update

WordPress April 2017 Maintenance Update

WordPress 4.7.4 is now available. The release contains 47 maintenance enhancements and fixes. Chief among them includes a visual editor compatibility fix for an upcoming version of Chrome.

WordPress April 2017 Maintenance Update

With the new update, uploading audio and video files will no longer result in broken thumbnails. The version’s REST API also received a few enhancements that are related to data handling. And in addition, WordPress 4.7.4 has restored the ability to Shift-click a range of checkboxes. To see a full list of changes visit the release notes page on the Codex.

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The new update closely follows the release of WordPress 4.7.3, which contained fixes for almost 40 maintenance issues.

You can now quickly Download WordPress 4.7.4 or you can alternatively go to your Dashboard, click on “Updates” and simply click “Update Now.”

Websites that allow for automatic updates are also starting to get the new changes.

WordPress says that since the release of version 4.7 back in December 2016, the company has registered about sixty million downloads.

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  1. It is always good to know that WordPress has not stopped improving its platform. The millions of users is because of their dedication to improve the platform. I can only see the community getting stronger.

  2. WordPress started as an open source software and continued to be like that. This helped form an amazing community behind it.

  3. Does this mean that it will change its format again? It gets more and more confusing and it takes some time to learn for people who are new to it.