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Amazon Launches Handmade Wedding Shop

Amazon Handmade Wedding Shop Launched

If your business sells any handmade wedding goods, you now have a new option for getting those goods to consumers. Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), the eCommerce giant that wants to be the “everything store,” just launched [1] a dedicated store for handmade wedding products.

The Wedding Shop [2] is part of Handmade at Amazon, the handmade products platform Amazon launched in 2015 [3]. So adding wedding items is fairly similar to the process of adding other handmade items to Amazon. You can offer things like personalized invitations, decor, fashion accessories and gifts.

Small Business Opportunities in the Amazon Handmade Wedding Shop

For the small businesses that offer wedding related products, this new platform could present some unique benefits. Of course you can also set up your own website or use more niche platforms like Etsy. But customers, especially busy brides and grooms who have to make tons of different purchases, are probably already shopping on Amazon for other items. So being able to offer those products where your customers already shop can potentially give your sales a boost.

It might not be the only option out there for getting wedding products in front of relevant consumers. But it does offer another option for small businesses that offer handcrafted wedding items. And the high visibility and huge traffic the site is likely to attract are reasons enough to consider.

Image: Amazon