BeLive Broadcasting Studio Provides Split Screen for Facebook Live and More

Belive Broadcasting Studio for Facebook Live

Facebook Live as a promotion, marketing and training tool has proved to be indispensable for some businesses. Having the ability to share content while simultaneously gathering feedback is powerful. Apart from a face-to-face interaction, no other medium gives you the ability to receive feedback and respond in a continuous exchange with your audience.

If your business uses Facebook Live for video streams — BeLive will take your presentations to the next level.

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BeLive Broadcasting Studio for Facebook Live

What the BeLive broadcasting studio has done is build on the existing Facebook Live platform. On the front end, the app allows you to stream more engaging and customized videos with useful features. On the backend, your streams become a two-way communication with your audience.

Your live stream now has the ability to become a question and answer interview, not only with your guest but also with your audience. Questions, comments and any updates can be shared on screen for all participating guests to see.

BeLive Broadcasting Studio for Facebook Live

The app has been designed with a mobile-first principle so any screen, no matter the size, will display in an easy to see and follow format. With adjusted split-screens and picture-in-pictures, even a smartphone can show a multi-guest interview.

BeLive Broadcasting Studio for Facebook Live

BeLive’s split-screen option gives the interview a real conversational tone — further engaging your audience. The experience delivers both guests in onscreen discussions with real-time comments and questions being displayed. You will also have the option to switch into full-screen mode: large and small. All this is done remotely, no matter where each guest is located.

BeLive Broadcasting Studio for Facebook Live

Your guest will receive a link to the broadcast, which gives them one-click access. As the host of the interview, you control the admission and departure of guests as well as moderating comments.

BeLive Broadcasting Studio for Facebook Live

BeLive organizes and broadens the range of content options you are able to deliver to your viewers. You can add text and graphic features to your broadcasts, making them more interactive. Standard content and real-time updates display in a customized format on the bottom of the screen.

Getting started with the BeLive broadcasting studio has been made simple. Once the device has given the app permission to use its camera and speakers, the easy to use interface promises to plan and execute a live broadcast with just two clicks.

BeLive Broadcasting Studio for Facebook Live

The BeLive interface makes it easier for an administrator to keep track of comments and respond directly. Facebook Live often falls short in this area. Comments seem to be disconnected from content and many are simpy ignored. As social media brings people closer, your audience will expect your attention, and ignoring their comments can result in losing them.

A small business can also use BeLive for simple one-on-one communications that require recording as well as group discussions. Streams can be recorded for later release and the service doesn’t obligate you to broadcast in real-time.

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