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20 Best Platforms for Selling Online Courses

The Best Online Course Platforms
The popularity of online courses is on the rise, as conventional face-to-face classroom-based learning loses ground to e-learning alternatives. Here students can learn and carry out assignments and assessments remotely and in their own time. With the demand for e-learning escalating, creating and self-publishing online courses [1] can be a lucrative business, providing you sell the course in the right place. Small Business Trends explores the 20 best online course platforms.

The Best Online Course Platforms


The Best Online Course Platforms - Skillshare

Skillshare [2] is an e-course selling platform that offers instructors help to customize their online classes. Skillshare provides the tools to help instructors create short videos about the courses. Users can enjoy and benefit from networking with a community of over two million students and teachers. Team membership on Skillshare starts from $10 per month.


Udemy provides teachers with the tools required to teach their knowledge to a global audience. The platform is free to use but course providers have to give 50 percent of its earnings for every student Udemy [3] finds. Udemy assists instructors in creating an innovative online course, reach millions of students around the world, build their brand and earn serious money teaching something they are passionate about.


Click4Course [4] enables instructors to create their own courses using their own content on any device. Users can create unlimited courses and organize courses into categories for learners. The platform also allows teachers to manager learners by manually adding and registering learners or allowing them to register themselves. Instructors can also set passing score percentages for each test. Pricing starts from $79 per month for unlimited learners.


The Best Online Course Platforms - WizIQ

WizIQ [5] proudly asserts to comprise of everything instructors will need to teach and train online. The site offers an easy-to-use integrated learning delivery platform for both instructors and institutions. In 2016, WizIQ was awarded as a Top-Rated Learning Management System. Pricing ranges from $190 a year to $890 annually.


Pathwright allows instructors to outline their entire course within minutes. Courses can be jazzed up with quizzes, videos, projects, discussions and more, designed to make learning interactive and fun. Pathwright [6] users can choose a plan that works best for their individual course requirements, starting from $19 a month for the starter package.


Teachable [7] encourages individuals with knowledge to share and sell their skills and knowledge on the simple-to-use Teachable platform. Teachable currently has more than 20,000 active courses, 7,500 instructors online and 4 million students learning from the platform. Teachable offers monthly and annual payment plans, starting from $33.25 per month for the basic package.


EdLoud prides itself on being an online course selling platform that enables instructors to turn their knowledge and passion into revenue. The site claims to be the easiest way for those with passion and knowledge to make money with online courses, webinars, live training sessions and more. EdLoud starts at $99 per month and users can try the service free for seven days.

Academy of Mine

The Best Online Course Platforms - Academy of Mine

Academy of Mine [8] is an all-in-one platform to create, sell and market online courses. This easy-to-use portal enables tutors to build their own learning website using drag and drop templates, set-up courses, students and instructors with a fully-integrated learning management system and sell courses with various pricing options. Academy of Mine offers a three-tiered pricing structure starting from $199 a month for a Starter Course to $499 a month for a Monster Course.


CourseCraft [9] enables those with a passion to share and teach their knowledge to build a professional online course without any coding or design skills required. When signing up, instructors will benefit from an intuitive dashboard, fast and reliable hosting and website integration. Teachers on the free plan merely have to pay a 9% transaction fee. Those on the Society plan pay $47 per month but a 0 percent transaction fee.


Educadium [10] is an easy-to-use platform that empowers teachers to reach learners around the world by creating cost-effective online classes for knowledge sharing, assessment and certification. Instructors can profit from digital content and expertise when using Educadium’s learning management system services. This e-learning platform offers three different payment structures, $99 per month for the standard package and $299 for the premium package.


This e-learning platform hosts over 35,000 course creators and is a popular site for educators and trainers to build their brand and sell their e-courses. Users can create compelling content and start selling their courses immediately on Thinkific [11]. The platform offers four different payment structures, starting from $0 with a 10 percent transaction fee to $219 per month with no transaction fee.

Digital Chalk

The Best Online Course Platforms - Digital Chalk

Digital Chalk [12] provides instructors with a single solution for creating, marketing and selling courses online. Digital Chalk’s managed e-commerce removes much of the hassle and time involved with processing online sales, allowing teachers to sell their courses at their own price. Digital Chalk costs $25 per month.

Course Merchant

Course Merchant [13] offer eBusiness solutions for education and training purposes. Educators can manage their courses online, through a sophisticated content management system. Course creators can sell their courses via a shopping cart system. Sellers have the choice of selling course bundles and can offer discounts for courses by selling on Course Merchant.


LearnDash [14] proudly claims to be the “most trusted WordPress LMS” and is the number one choice for Fortune 500 companies, training organizations, major universities and entrepreneurs around the world for the creation and selling of their online courses. Users can create and sell courses with ease and efficiency, manager learners and download reports.


OpenSesame assists instructors in setting up an online course and how to generate revenue from it. Users simply have to create an OpenSesame [15] seller profile to upload their courses to. When uploaded, instructors can set their own prices for courses. OpenSesame users do not have to pay any upfront fees but have to give the portal 50 percent of the course revenue.


The Best Online Course Platforms - LearnWorlds

With the LearnWorlds [16] platform those wanting to share and sell their knowledge can create, market and sell online courses with ease from one convenient location. This user-friendly e-learning channel provides a professional, engaging, social and interactive school, which enables teachers to sell learning experiences. Sellers are not required to have any design or development skills, as they can create sales pages for their courses using dozens of striking templates. LearnWorlds offers different payment structures starting from $24 per month for the Starter Trainer program, plus $5 per sale.


Ruzuku [17] prides itself on having everything an instructor will need to connect with their audience, create inspiring content and “change the world”. This user-friendly online course selling portal is simple to use and instructors are not required to have much technology know-how. The site boasts a number of favorable features, including daily backups and PayPal payments. The portal offers a 14-day unlimited-use free trial.


More than 1,214,000 businesses, educators and students are putting their faith in the smart online course tools provided by ProProfs [18]. This online course portal permits course creators to add quizzes, media and certificates to their existing documents to make learning more fun and interactive.


Cognno [19] users can create courses on this easy-to-use platform or upload their own content. Instructors selling courses on Coggno benefit from full reporting tools, showing who has bought what course and when and enabling them to tracker learners and their contact information. Payment can be received via PayPal. Coggno’s pricing starts from $24.95 per month, plus 10% of transactions.


The Best Online Course Platforms - Rainmaker

Rainmaker [20] offers a complete solution for the digital marketing and sales of online courses. By creating articles, video and audio, e-course creators can grow their brand and ultimately sell more courses. The Rainmaker platform costs $1,740 a year for the whole management system package.

Are you an educator, trainer or instructor with experience of using an online platform for selling your digital courses? We would love to hear our readers’ experiences with platforms for selling online courses.

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