What Lost Spirits Distillery Can Teach Small Businesses About Customer Experience

What Lost Spirits Distillery Can Teach Small Businesses About the Boutique Business Customer Experience

Visit almost any distillery in the U.S. and you’ll probably see tons of metal tanks and commercial equipment used to age booze in the same way it’s been done for decades. But visit Lost Spirits, a distillery in Los Angeles, and you’ll have a completely different experience.

The inside of the distillery resembles a strange version of an amusement park or Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. There are jungle scenes and dragon heads. There’s even a wooden raft that floats on the plant’s cooling water tank.

Bryan Davis is the co-founder of Lost Spirits. He explained that the distillery was built to include several different imaginary lands to go with the drinks. So when you visit, you can go and sit in a unique environment that the founders envisioned when creating the very drink you’re enjoying.

The business also creates oak aged rum and peated whiskey using new techniques that help the booze to “age” faster. But that’s really only part of the company’s innovative approach.

The Boutique Business Customer Experience Differentiator

For small businesses, Lost Spirits demonstrates how you can get really creative when making experiences for customers. This is especially true when you’re building a boutique type of business only for very specific types of customers. You can create these experiences to be unique compared to anything those customers might have elsewhere. As a result, your customers will be likely to keep coming back again and again — and not just for your products.

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