Snapchat’s New Custom Stories Could Revolutionize Local Marketing

Snapchat's New Custom Stories Could Revolutionize Local Marketing

Snapchat (NYSE:SNAP) may have just changed local marketing forever.

If you use Snapchat to market your small business, you can either post content to your story, where anyone who follows you can see it, or you can communicate with people individually. But now there’s a new option for businesses to consider.

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A Look at Custom Stories

Snapchat just unveiled custom stories, a new feature that lets users create groups with their own stories. You have the ability to add specific people to the group and decide who can add to the group story. Or you can set the group to accept stories from users in a specific geographic area.

So if your business is hosting an event, for example, you could create a group story and allow anyone in attendance to add their content. And you can add some snaps of your own as well. This can be a benefit to businesses that want to share content with only the most relevant people, rather than constantly bombarding their entire network with every single snap.

In addition, business users could potentially join other groups to boost visibility on the platform. Say you’re at a trade show or part of a downtown development authority that has created a group to promote all the different shops and vendors in the area. You can inquire about joining those groups so that you can share your snaps with the entire group of potentially relevant customers.

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  1. I just don’t buy into the lofty valuation and high expectations for this company. Most people that I know who use it are under age 21. It makes about as much sense to me as bitcoin right now, so only tie will tell whether i’m totally wrong!

  2. This Snap feature has opened new opportunities for marketing actions based on crowdsourcing or user-generated content.

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