Think This LEGO Building Business is Child’s Play? Think Again

He Turned His Dream Job Into a Business

Building a business around your favorite childhood toy might sound like a dream — or at the very least, an unrealistic goal. But for Duncan Titmarsh, it’s a reality.

The entrepreneur has had a passion for LEGO bricks since childhood. So he launched a business out of his garden shed putting together LEGO sculptures for business clients. Since then, the business has blossomed. Bright Bricks now employs 41 staff members and built 275 LEGO sculptures just last year.

Basically, the company provides eye-catching sculptures for businesses that want to attract some attention for product launches or to celebrate events.

He Turned His Dream Job Into a Business

The team can work on sculptures featuring people, animals, skylines and basically anything their clients can imagine. The company has even made the world’s largest LEGO caravan, a replica super yacht and a working LEGO Rolls-Royce jet engine.

He Turned His Dream Job Into a Business

He Turned His Dream Job Into a Business

The company has also broken a number of world records. Based in the U.K., Bright Bricks works with companies all over the world. And doing so allows Titmarsh to live out his childhood dream of getting creative with LEGO bricks on a daily basis.

He Turned His Dream Job Into a Business

Though it is a job and a serious business to him now, the ability to get creative with projects is still his favorite part of running the business. It’s a reminder to small business owners that, while focusing on practical matters is important, following your passion can help set your brand apart.

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