FoodFaves App Connects Restaurants with Customers via Delicious Dish Pics

FoodFaves App Connects Restaurants with Customers via Delicious Dish Pics

Chefs have been saying, “You eat with your eyes first” forever. It essentially means, if the food looks great you are more likely to try it. To prove that point, all you have to do is look at great images on a food social media site on Instagram and elsewhere before you start salivating. For Sydney Epstein, looking at those wonderful pictures and not being able to eat them was a frustrating experience, which led her and her father to create the FoodFaves app.

Sydney just didn’t want to see those pictures, she wanted to go and enjoy them. But in most cases, they were too far away from where she lived. Her app connects the images of food taken by restaurants and customers and shares them with followers locally.

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A Look Inside the FoodFaves App

When a picture is posted in the FoodFaves app, it is tagged with the address of the restaurant, a map and distance from where customers happen to be at the time. A click on an image, and it will provide this information, along with additional details about the restaurant and its offerings.

A Look Inside the FoodFaves App

For restaurants, this is a great way to bring more people through their door.

All a restaurant has to do is upload the best images of their food on the portal. The image is then tagged with pertinent info about the place, including the menu, address, phone number, hours, website, and hashtags. The hashtags can be #vegetarian, #pizza, #pies, #Indian and more.

Once an image is posted with the relevant data, the FoodFaves app uses a patented algorithm to make it part of the food preference of users. So if you post an image of tacos, and someone is in the mood for tacos close to your restaurant, it will be part of their search results.

FoodFaves is in effect a personal dinning assistant for what is available in a particular location. Restaurants can leverage the technology to connect with people that live, work and socialize in their vicinity and make themselves part of the decision making process.

Just as other social media platforms, users can “like” the image, save it in their profile and share it with their friends. These are all ways in which a restaurant can benefit by just placing high-quality images, and of course having great food.

A Look Inside the FoodFaves App


FoodFaves takes the concept of word-of-mouth advertising to a new level. Whether a customer has few or many friends, they can quickly influence their immediate and local social circle to give your restaurant a try.

The app is only available on iOS at the moment.

Image: FoodFaves

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  1. I have seen an app that also connects you with the different restaurants by genre. It makes it easier to search for restaurants in your area when you are craving for something.

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