10 Places to Get Free Motion Graphics for Your Company’s Videos

10 Places to Get Free Motion Graphics for Your Company’s Videos

Using motion graphics is a great way to bring visual appeal and enhance the success a corporate video. Motion graphics are essentially a succession of graphics that generate the illusion of motion. Unlike a still image, motion graphics engages both visual and auditory receptors, consequently creating engaging and effective visual content.

If you are looking for motion graphics to help bring your company’s videos to life, Small Business Trends have identified ten sources where you can get free motion graphics to embed into your corporate videos.

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Sources of Free Motion Graphics to Use in Videos


Flixpress is an effective web-based tool for creating motion graphics. After creating a free user account, you can search through Flixpress’s collection of free templates, limited to around nine, and choose the one you like. You can then create a free motion graphic to enhance the appeal of a corporate video. Flixpress offers an affordable tiered pricing plan for its video creation services, ranging from the Personal Plan costing $0.83 per month, to the Enterprise Plan, which costs $79.99 a month.

Check out this sample of Flixpress’s motion graphics.

Motion Array

Motion Array is a membership-based resource in which companies can download stock motion graphics and stock video elements. Users can browse through an array of motion graphic templates, all of which are designed to bring video content to life.

Ignite Motion

Ignite Motion allows you to download free motion graphics for commercial use. Ignite Motion’s high-definition, motion graphic backgrounds are compatible with most video editing software. Companies can browse through Ignite Motion’s portfolio of motion graphic backgrounds through different category genres, ranging from speed and abstract to clouds and human.

Motion Backgrounds For Free

Motion Backgrounds For Free offers a wide variety of what the site hails as being “100% free after effects templates”, such as trailer templates and photo slideshows. From a mathematical motion background to an abstract fluid forms motion backgrounds, Motion Backgrounds For Free can help you put some eye-catching motion visuals into a commercial video.

Video Blocks

Video Blocks offer royalty-free motion backgrounds from a fairly varied collection of motion graphic templates, ranging from spinning globe in outer space to and abstract moving rainbow.  Users need to sign up to become a member of Video Blocks and they can then download royalty-free motion background templates to use in commercial and personal videos.

Take a look at this sample from Video Blocks.

CMG – Church Motion Graphics

If you’re looking for quality motion graphics, Church Motion Graphics (CMG) could be another place to head to. Users need to create an account with CMG and can then download eye-catching motion graphics from a catalogue of templates. Subscribers to CMG can choose from a tiered pricing structure, starting at $10 for a Standard monthly subscription to $348 for a Premium yearly subscription.

Free Pik

If you’re looking for motion graphic vectors or photos, then Free Pik has 347 free resources available for you. Users can download free motion graphics on Free Pik and start creating a compelling, creative and exciting corporate video. Users have to register to Free Pik before they can start downloading content.

Ae Download

Ae Download offers a limited stock of motion graphic designed for infographics, transitions, backgrounds and more. Simply sign up for an Ae Download account and take full advantage of the site’s motion graphic stock without delay, as the site prides itself on providing downloads with unlimited speed and with no waiting times.


Monzoom has a collection of motion graphics available to download that businesses could use to enhance the visual appeal of their corporate videos. The graphics can be downloaded for free from Monzoom but users have to register for an account before they can start downloading content.

Motion Worship

Quality motion content is available on Motion Worship. Motion Worship offers three membership levels, starting from the $25 a year ‘Mini-Movie Subscription, which includes mini-movies only, to the $50 a year memberships, which includes all motions, countdowns and stills, to the $79 a year full access subscription, which provides downloads to all media.

With all these great sources for downloading high quality motion graphics, quickly and efficiently, you’ve no excuse for not creating a compelling, engaging and inspiring video to help promote your company and its products or services.

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  2. You should also consider the music. There are lots of places online where you can get these royalty free.

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