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Then and Now: The History of Lorex Technology

Then and Now: The History of Lorex Technology

You expect your home to come with basic security features such as locks on the windows, a peephole on the front door and outdoor lighting. As smart homes become more and more prominent, however, people want more advanced ways to keep their home secure.

Security and surveillance companies have jumped at this opportunity to create smarter and more innovative products that help keep the ones you love safe. To see just how far we’ve come, take a closer look at how Lorex Technology [1] grew to become a leader in the video surveillance and home security industry.

About Lorex Technology

Lorex started in Ontario, Canada and soon expanded across North and South America and the U.K. The company offers DIY security camera systems for consumers and small businesses. They promote awareness and connectivity to keep your family, property and business safe.

How It All Began

Lorex was founded by Bernard Klein in 1991 and became a publicly traded company in 1993. The company was purchased by Strategic Vista International in 1996. In 2003, it expanded into the commercial and professional security marketplace when it launched a subsidiary called Digimerge.

FLIR Systems, Inc., a high-end thermal camera manufacturer, acquired Lorex for $59 million in 2012. At the time, many people wondered what a military and commercial security camera company wanted to do with a small business security company, but president Andy Teich stated that the acquisition wasn’t about where they were but where they were headed. Lorex Technology, rebranded as Lorex by FLIR, is now at the forefront of the consumer and small business security camera system industry.

Evolution of Lorex Product Offerings

Throughout the last two-and-a-half decades, Lorex has expanded its product offerings and kept up with the latest technology. In fact, they have been the first to market many products over the years. Some of these firsts include their vastly popular 17- to 22-inch integrated monitors with built-in recording, Skype remote viewing, cloud recording and HD baby monitors with two-way communication. More recently, Lorex was the first to market Color Night Vision, 4K resolution security cameras and the new RapidRecap feature that compiles up to 12 hours of footage into a minute-long video. The company also has plans to further integrate new thermal technology into their product line.

Even within this decade, the evolution of the security camera system category has been substantial. And with each step, Lorex has been led the way. In the early part of the decade, Lorex introduced their EDGE+ Surveillance DVR. This was a great piece of security technology for the time. It had a 640×480 recording resolution and was compatible on PC, Apple and Android devices. A few years later, Lorex was the first to market a security DVR with a 960H recording resolution. Then came HD.

Lorex introduced their line of full 1080p security DVRs and NVRs in 2015. These systems not only offered the highest level of detail and clarity available at the time, they were also extremely user-friendly with easy remote connectivity. Along with these security recorders, Lorex introduced a brand-new line of 1080p MPX and IP security cameras. These cameras have been engineered to be fully weatherproof and typically come with infrared LED lights that provide long-range night vision capabilities.

Newest Offerings Today

Lorex’s latest advancement is the introduction of their new line of 4K IP security systems. These security systems feature cameras with advanced 8-megapixel image sensors and can record at 3840×2160 pixel resolution. (That’s four times the resolution available with 1080p.) These cameras also feature next-generation H.265 video encoding to keep file sizes small without losing the 4K image quality.

For 26 years, Lorex has been leading the video surveillance and home security system industry. With the security camera industry booming, there’s bound to be an increase in future technological advancements. So what’s next for this industry? Only time will tell, but you can be assured that Lorex will be right there at the forefront to ensure the best equipment to protect homes and businesses worldwide.