Here’s a New Niche, IoT for Seniors

IoT for Seniors Could Be New Niche

When you think of IoT consumers, you probably picture trendy, young, tech-savvy individuals. But there may be an opportunity for tech companies selling connected products to target consumers who fall on the opposite end of the spectrum.

IoT for Seniors

A new pilot project set up by the European Commission is seeing how IoT products may be able to help seniors live more independently and securely. It has been a challenge for Europe to support its large aging population financially. And connected products like sensors and mobile apps can potentially help older individuals live on their own while still maintaining some peace of mind.

One of the products used is a sensor from Spanish company MYSPHERA. The sensors are placed inside and outside of seniors’ homes. And they can actually detect any changes in routine or behavior and send updates to an app to alert the caregiver.

This project demonstrates that there may be a somewhat underserved market when it comes to IoT businesses. Of course there are still opportunities for companies to target young, tech-savvy consumers with innovative new products. But there are also some really practical applications for the technology in the homes and lives of seniors and other types of consumers. So tech startups could consider those opportunities before just jumping into the seemingly default target market.

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  1. They are an ignored market when it comes to technology but they still have a need that needs fulfilling.

  2. I want to see how this will turn out for no one has attempted this before.