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  1. Another way to save money on electricity is replacing your outdated energy hungry credit card processing POS system. We just got a new free replacement from Telecheck. I don’t have a number for you but the office we went through is out of Stockbridge, GA

  2. Utility is one of the overheads that people usually pay less attention to when embarking on cost reduction exercise. The points mentioned in this article is strategic to cost control rather than fire brigade approach that some companies use. Only for them to realise that the costs soon creep back to where it was before.

  3. My husband and I are wanting to be able to save a little money when it comes to our house, but we need help in knowing the best way to go about doing this. I like that you talked about the many different ways we could go about doing different things to help us be able to save on our utilities. One thing that you mentioned that I didn’t consider is upgrading the devices we have with more energy-efficient options.