Move Over Google and Facebook, Small Businesses are Attracting More Tech Talent These Days

Small Businesses Are Attracting Tech Employees

Small businesses are no longer a second choice for tech professionals seeking the next step in their careers.

According to new data from the job site, small businesses are increasingly attracting large numbers of job seekers in the technology field.

Overall, though, the most popular jobs at small businesses remain in support roles.

Indeed ranks job demand at small businesses based on the numbers of clicks to postings on the site. In its most recent batch of data, Indeed looked at the most popular job categories at small businesses.

The most clicked job openings at small businesses are in roles like Office and Administrative Support. Other support roles like Sales, Customer Service, Warehouse and Service Industry also made the top 10 in categories sought out by small business job seekers.

Small Businesses Are Attracting Tech Employees

But also in the top 10 are jobs in the tech field. This is where small businesses have traditionally lost out to bigger companies who may be able to offer better pay and benefits. But not anymore, it seems.

Other tech positions popular with small business job seekers were in roles like Installation, Maintenance, Repair, Tech Software and Engineering. Also popular with these small business job seekers are positions in Management and Accounting.

“Seeing in-demand tech roles in top ten shows how the digitization of businesses of all sizes is driving demand for tech and engineering talent,” says Paul Wolfe, Indeed senior vice president and head of HR. “As such, many job seekers in those categories are looking to startups and small businesses for their next career move rather than traditional tech giants.”

Don’t Give Up the Search

So if your small business is looking for some help with digital technology, you may no longer have to feel like you’re being left behind. It’s true, job seekers may be more interested in jobs with bigger companies chasing bigger salaries.

Rather than playing second fiddle to bigger businesses, inform prospective applicants in job postings about the benefits of working for a small business like yours. It seems some job seekers have already made this discovery for themselves.

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  1. It must come from the freedom that comes with it. Tech people don’t like being controlled. And small businesses can sometimes give them the freedom that they are looking for.