Surefire Local Marketing Cloud Aims at Features with One Login

Surefire Local Marketing Cloud Aims at Many Features with One Login

Wouldn’t you love to access your social media accounts, reviews, email marketing, organic search and Google AdWords with a single login? Well, that’s exactly what Surefire Local Marketing Cloud offers its users.

A Look at Surefire Local Marketing Cloud

Simply put, Surefire Local Marketing Cloud (old name: SurePulse Dashboard) is a marketing automation platform that allows marketers and business owners to control, manage and optimize the most essential elements of their digital marketing — all with a single, secure login.

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Constant growth through new and repeat customers is key to the success of any business. And to achieve this, the most successful business owners create a great brand, develop a good reputation and execute a successful hyper-local marketing strategy.

However, collecting and analyzing data from multiple places can be challenging for busy business owners, but with Surefire Local Marketing Cloud single login you can now be able to:

  • Publish content to let customers find you with keywords. The platform’s Digital Content Manager enables you to create, approve and manage all social media, and publish new website content and offers.
  • Increase your reputation scores. Get more reviews from customers with the reputation management tool, where you can monitor and respond to reviews.
  • Have you business show up in more places. Increase your business listings across 70+ directories, make changes instantly, and publish.
  • Be top-of-mind for new customers. Get in front of new customers quickly with automatic advertising campaigns via Google AdWords, Bing and Facebook.
  • Never miss a lead. Respond using your mobile phone via the iOS and Android Mobile App.
  • Exceed expectations. Keep customers engaged with automated customized email campaigns.

“Whether it’s the business owner or marketing manager, the Surefire Local Marketing Cloud gives them the perspective they need to expand their digital marketing and create campaigns when needed, and then show the results all in one place,” Surefire Local Chief Marketing Officer Shashi Bellamkonda told the Small Business Trends. “Today there is no comparable tool that does everything the business owners need for their local marketing the way the Surefire Cloud manages their presence. It is interactive vs. being just a dashboard or just social.”

Bellamkonda further said that they expect the platform to retail for $299.

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