The Benefits of Texting to Promote Your Small Business (INFOGRAPHIC)

How Can You Benefit from Text Message Marketing

Businesses often spend a fortune on digital marketing initiatives, but miss out on a simple-yet-effective channel: text marketing.

A powerful and cost-effective tool, texting can provide more bang for your promotional buck if you use it properly.

UK-based text marketing company TextMagic has compiled data to show why businesses should take text marketing seriously. The firm has also provided some useful tips to make the most of this business-friendly channel.

Text Message Marketing Can Help Businesses Engage Users

According to data, a text message has the estimated open rate of 98 percent, compared to email’s 20 percent. What’s more, 90 percent of the time a text is read within the first three minutes of receiving the message.

Text messages are also found to be more effective for companies that operate their businesses on an appointment basis and face no-shows.

Statistics show automated text reminders reduce no-shows by up to 40 percent.

How Can You Benefit from Text Message Marketing

A well-defined text marketing strategy can prove extremely beneficial for businesses. Let’s understand this in a bit more detail.

For time-sensitive promotions, text messaging can be a great tool to spread awareness. If time is not a critical factor, marketers can combine text and email campaigns.

Another tip is to create QR codes to draw customers with discount coupons or vouchers.

Text messaging can also prove beneficial for businesses interested in boosting customer satisfaction. For this, consider sending an automatic confirmation text after you receive an order from a client.

But to ensure text messaging provides desired results, make sure your message is short and includes important details.

For more information, check out the infographic below:

How Can You Benefit from Text Message Marketing

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  1. Texting seems to be more effective than email when it comes to getting a message in front of your users.

  2. I still don’t know how effective text messaging is. I guess we just have to test and see.

  3. Text messaging may be good for events too. Or for contacting active customers.

  4. Great inforgraphic. You can’t deny the benefits of SMS marketing, especially for small businesses on a tight budget.

  5. Thanks for pointing out that having automated text message reminders has helped reduce no-shows for a company’s clients. I recently missed a dentist appointment simply because things got busy and it slipped my mind. I think text reminders are a feature that every service-based industry should take advantage of.