Microsoft Twitter Chat Explores Transforming Business with Cloud #MSBizTips

Transforming Business in the Cloud Twitter Chat

The cloud something much more than just a means to help you store data or access your information on multiple devices. There’s an ever-growing list of tools and applications for the technology that can actually transform your business.

For some small business owners though, the cloud is still an underutilized resource. And for many of them, it’s just a matter of their lack of knowledge holding them back.

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Transforming Business in the Cloud Twitter Chat

That’s why it’s so important for small business owners, entrepreneurs and tech experts to share ideas and expertise about using cloud technology. Some small business owners got an opportunity to do just that as part of a Twitter chat on Monday, May 1 from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. ET.

Small Business Trends founder and CEO Anita Campbell (@smallbiztrends) and General Manager of Worldwide Marketing-Cloud Services for Microsoft, Maria Groeschel (@MariaGroeschel) discussed “Transforming Business in the Cloud” with other entrepreneurs and professionals in the Microsoft-sponsored chat.

You can see the entire archived twitter chat by following #MSBizTips on Twitter. And check out excerpts from the chat below.

First, chat participants discussed the potential benefits of cloud computing.

Then, entrepreneurs discussed the possibility of making the switch from on-premises computing to the cloud.

Chat participants also went into some more details about actual Microsoft tools that can help when it comes to using cloud technology.

Then chat participants shared some real world examples of how the cloud has helped businesses.

And finally, you can see what entrepreneurs find important when it comes to choosing a cloud vendor.

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