How To Use YouTube Cards on Your Business Videos

How To Use YouTube Cards on Your Business Videos

YouTube cards, also known in some quarters as Info Cards or Interactive Cards, replaced annotations in 2015. While annotations had their benefits, one major disadvantage is that they didn’t work on mobile devices. Like annotations, YouTube Cards give you the ability to add clickable calls to action in your YouTube videos that prompt viewers to respond.

Adding YouTube Cards to Your Video

To add Cards to your YouTube video you need to first start by going to YouTube Video Manager and finding the video that you want to add the Card to then click Edit below the video title.

How To Use YouTube Cards on Your Business Videos

On the next screen, click the Cards tab in the top navigation bar.

At this point you can now add cards to your video. Just click “Add card” and then click create to add more information to your card.

How To Use YouTube Cards on Your Business Videos

Once you have added the card then you can go back to your video and choose the points that you want your card to show up on. Just drag the time marker below the video to the spot where you want the card to appear. The video below should make it easier for you to know how to go about this.

After you are done with setup, it is important for you to check everything is functioning as it should before you publish. It is also important for you to know that you can add up to four more cards to the video.

How to Use YouTube Cards for Business

And if you are wondering how you can use Cards for business then a few tips would be to use them to send your viewers to the video in the series, direct viewers to an influencer’s content featuring your product and to get viewer input to drive content development by using polls for a truly interactive experience and to drive engagement. You can also use YouTube Cards to highlight some charitable institutions that you support. This will have positive impacts on your business’s reputation.

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