10 Niche-Specific Tips for Everyone from Business Bloggers to Franchise Owners

Niche Mistakes - 7 Ways Your Niche Could Be Wrong for Your Business

There are no tips that work perfectly for every small business, because there are so many different types of small businesses with different customers and different needs. So it can help to find advice actually geared toward specific types of businesses.

Members of the online small business community have experience in many different industries and niches. So here are some tips for running everything from a blogging business to a restaurant franchise. Chances are you’ll find something that applies to your business too.

Don’t Make These Business Blogger Mistakes

Blogging has become a popular business opportunity for entrepreneurs in just about every niche. But there are a lot of mistakes that people can make when getting into this type of business. Ryan Biddulph explores some of the common mistakes made by travel bloggers — but they can really apply to just about any blog run as a business —   in a Basic Blog Tips post.

Move Customers Through the Sales Funnel

For sales based businesses, finding ways to move customers through those sales funnels regularly is key. The tips in this post by Rick Verbanas of Your Guerrilla Marketer can help your business move customers through sales funnels more efficiently so you can make more sales.

Make a Profitable YouTube Video Channel

In 2017, YouTube isn’t just a marketing tool. It can actually be its very own income stream. In this post, Philip Verghese Ariel shares some thoughts and an infographic with tips for creating profitable YouTube channels. You can also see commentary on the post over on BizSugar.

Learn Why Franchising is Great for Entrepreneurs

Franchising can make opening a business easier, especially for new entrepreneurs. And there are several other potential benefits to opening franchise businesses as well, as Ivan Widjaya of Noobpreneur goes over in this post.

Use This Checklist for Local SEO Success

Local businesses also have plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs, especially with all the mobile marketing and SEO techniques that can help these businesses grow. Maddy Osman offers a checklist for local businesses to improve SEO in this Search Engine Journal post.

Small Business Deals

Start the Hiring Process for Your New Startup

If you have a brand new startup, there are so many factors that can contribute to your success. But your startup team can be one of the most important factors. Learn how to start the hiring process for your new startup in this Getentrepreneurial.com post by Pamela Swift.

Learn About Amazon’s New Prime Wardrobe

If your small business offers clothing and apparel on platforms like Amazon, a new program for Prime members that lets them try on certain items for free could be of interest. Read more about the program in this Marketing Land post by Amy Gesenhues.

Guide Leads With These Content Marketing Tactics

For sales oriented businesses, there are many tactics you can use to guide leads from consideration to decision. Content marketing can even be part of that mix, as Avinash Nair points out in this Right Mix Marketing post.

Build a Successful Social Media Marketing Plan

Social media can be a great marketing tool or even something you can build an entire business around. But you need a great plan in order to succeed. Here are some tips from Pierre de Braux of Social Media Examiner. And you can also see what BizSugar members have to say about the post here.

Track Remote Workers’ Productivity

These days, many different types of businesses can benefit from using the help of remote workers. But tracking their productivity can be a challenge. This Smallbiztechnology.com post by the Young Entrepreneur Council lists some tools you can use to keep track of productivity even when workers aren’t in your office.

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