3D Printed Guitars May Strike a Chord with Entrepreneurs

3D Printing Business Opportunities Abound

There’s a new opportunity for small businesses to build a niche in the musical instrument business. And you can thank 3D printing for that.

Recently, Professor Olaf Diegel of the University of Lund designed the world’s first aluminum 3D printed guitar, showing that it’s possible to use quality materials in the printing of complicated products. Diegel had already made 70 3D printed guitars using polyamide powder prior to this accomplishment.

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Aluminum presented a unique set of challenges though. Basically, because there are a lot of overlapping parts to the guitar, the whole thing had to be welded together once the parts were printed. But 3D printing still played a big part in the design and formation of the product.

And it’s not just guitars either. Diegel once formed a band that used only 3D printed instruments. So there are plenty of possibilities out there for consumers and businesses that want to make musical instruments at lower costs.

3D Printing Business Opportunities Abound

The business possibilities provided by 3D printing really seem to be endless. You can experiment with the design, materials and more. And the ability to cut down on manufacturing and material costs can be a huge benefit, especially to small businesses looking to build unique, low-cost niches.

Image: OddGuitars.com

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