Best Sales Techniques You’re Not Using … Yet!

Best Sales Techniques You’re Not Using … Yet!

When it comes to increasing leads, you must employ the right techniques.

But what are the best sales techniques to use to meet your goal? A new report by sales acceleration software provider InsideSales highlights sales techniques you’re probably not using today — yet.

Best Sales Techniques

No two businesses are the same. But when it comes to lead generation, some techniques are effective for almost all businesses.

Best Strategies for Lead Generation

Data shows company websites (83 percent) are clearly the most widely adopted strategy for lead generation. They are followed by email marketing (74 percent) and LinkedIn (69 percent).

Interestingly, blogs (8 percent) and LinkedIn (7 percent) have seen the biggest increases in adoption since 2013.

Inside Sales Has Gained Momentum

More sales and marketing leaders (13 percent) say they are willing to try inside sales more than any other method this year.

What’s more, 93 percent of sales and marketing leaders who currently use inside sales say they plan to continue using it.

Underutilized Techniques You Might Want to Consider

It’s worth noting that some sales techniques are proving to be effective, despite not being used widely by most businesses. Take small executive events and partner relationships, for instance.

The InsideSales report found both executive events (79 percent) and partner relationships (77 percent) effective but less-adopted.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, was found to be well adopted although leaders didn’t believe it was effective at creating brand awareness.

Time to Take Another Look at LinkedIn?

It’s evident that businesses are focusing a lot of their energies on LinkedIn. But is it really helping businesses achieve their goals?

The InsideSales report shows LinkedIn has not been effective at generating pipeline compared to other methods. As a small business owner, you might want to take a fresh look at your LinkedIn strategy to improve leads.

About the Study

Utah-based surveyed 678 sales and marketing leaders for this study. To gather data, sought this group’s opinion on key issues regarding marketing tactics, brand management, lead generation, pipeline creation and marketing challenges.

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  1. Many businesses are not utilizing their mailing lists even when they generate consistent sales when they do send out a special email. Others do not do the little things that make customers feel appreciated. Tuck a personalized note into each box you pack. Include a sample of a related product you feel they might love. These are inexpensive – almost free in some cases – methods for increasing brand loyalty that really work.

  2. Lead generation is key in businesses. It’s important to keep doing what works and be willing try new methods while continually evaluating. Interesting to see the trends from this study.