BloomPro Offers Services to Independent Florists

BloomNation BloomPro Offers Services to Independent Florists

Independent florists may be interested in a new offering from online floral marketplace BloomNation. The new service, called BloomPro, basically offers independent florists the option of having a dedicated floral commerce account manager at their disposal without having to hire one.

“If BloomNation is a gym for florists, BloomPro is the personal trainer,” explains BloomNation COO, Gregg Weisstein.

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Inside the BloomNation BloomPro Service

Because of this, the service is basically customizable. For a flat fee of $299 per month, you can have your account manager offer a specific strategy for growing your online sales. This might include changing up your copy, obtaining press coverage, changing up product lines or anything else that you and your account manager think might be effective in growing your business. And your account manager can also track those sales over time so you can make adjustments based on what’s working and what isn’t.

Weisstein says, “Account managers can provide BloomPro users with a strategy to innovate their online business and the ability to track their performance with detailed monthly overviews. Further, BloomPro florists receive additional high-touch support from other departments within BloomNation, including PR placements, SEO features, merchandising, and ecommerce conversion expertise.”

Aside from BloomPro, BloomNation provides a plethora of other services aimed at independent florists. The most popular is the company’s online marketplace where florists can list their floral arrangements and other products for sale to get in front of more potential customers online. The company currently has more than 3,000 florists in its network across the U.S.

So you don’t have to sign up for BloomPro specifically to take advantage of the company’s offerings. But if you’ve been looking for a way to bolster your floral business online and don’t have the resources to hire someone full time, it’s an interesting option. You do need to sign up for a minimum of three months in order to use the BloomPro service.

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