Drones, They’re Not Just for Delivering Packages Anymore

Drone Business Opportunities

Researchers are currently working on training drones for a variety of different scenarios that could potentially apply to businesses.

More specifically, researchers are working on perfecting multi-robot systems. This would allow a person or company to control more than one drone at one time on a single system. So users would be able to cover more ground in a shorter amount of time. This could potentially apply to situations like inspections or even disaster recovery.

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From a small business perspective, this means the potential for drones is a lot greater than just delivering a pizza or a package from Amazon.

While achieving these goals is certainly going to be complicated, it could open up a variety of new opportunities for businesses.

Drone Business Opportunities

Those willing to take the time to master this technology could end up supplying larger companies, non-profits, law enforcement and government organizations in need of drones for a variety of applications. And those organizations will also need businesses to program, maintain and service those drones. So there are plenty of drone business opportunities in this growing industry. And as it continues to evolve, it could certainly be worth monitoring for small tech companies looking to add new products or services.

Small Business Deals

Could your business find a niche in this rapidly expanding market. If so, consider how your current company or a new startup could be part of the drone revolution.

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  1. I’m yet to fly a drone. I can’t see the appeal. But i guess it’s time I got with the times!

  2. I’m not a big fan of drones flying over my property; however, I do approve of some uses. A drone is being flown over the riverbed near Mira Loma / Norco California trying to find a missing horse that spooked and took off. The horse has been loose for two days and many riders and hikers are searching for her, but sometimes it takes a drone to find a horse if it is caught on something in heavy brush.

    There was a horse found using a drone that several riders had ridden near, but did not see. They are posting the videos on Facebook so that others can play them and look in areas of brush and trees trying to find the horse. She won’t be easy to see, so many eyes reviewing the videos are more likely to find her. Today is the third day people are out searching for her.

  3. Drones used to be just a flying toy. But now, the technology has evolved so much that people have found a good function for them.

    • There are tons of different practical applications for them, depending on your business

  4. I love using drones for taking video shots. I think that it can take beautiful aerial shots compared to other types of ordinary cameras.

    • Oh absolutely – those are shots you can’t get without that type of technology or some really expensive equipment

  5. How about selling drones? I think that more and more people are becoming interested in this.