Business Owners, Want to Help the IRS Create Its New Website? It Will Only Take 7 to 9 Minutes

Business Owners, Want to Help With the IRS Website Redesign? It Will Only Take 7 to 9 Minutes

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is asking for feedback to build its new website. The website hasn’t been created yet, and taxpayers, including small business owners, are being asked to provide feedback on a proposed design of the homepage.

If you are wondering why bother providing feedback to the IRS, then you should remember small businesses have plenty of interaction with the agency. It makes sense, therefore, for business owners to provide the feedback — in hopes that it will make the new website easy to use.

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If you would like to provide feedback, the IRS says the process is a quick 7 to 9 minute activity.

How to Provide Feedback for the IRS Website Redesign

The process of submitting feedback for the IRS website redesign seems fairly straightforward, according to a recent release from the agency.

Visit the IRS website at Navigate to “Hot Topics” and click on “Help us Improve our Homepage.” You will be redirected to a webpage that will prompt you to complete a quick set of activities to evaluate a proposed IRS homepage design and provide an assessment of your experience.

One of the eight activities you are asked to complete involves looking at an image of the proposed design of the homepage. You then are asked to click where you would first look on the page to find a copy of Form 7004. This is the form used to file an extension for your business taxes — assuming that’s what you came to the site to do.

Another task has you trying to determine where you would find information on obtaining tax-exempt status on the proposed homepage. This might be of less interest to small business owners unless you are trying to found a non-profit organization. Yet another task queries you about where you think you would find information on applying for an employer identification number, possibly needed if you want to start a new business.

The IRS says it wants you to provide this feedback to help the agency determine whether the proposed new home page truly meets taxpayers’ needs when it comes to navigation. If the homepage is  easy to navigate, you will be able to find necessary tax information to make informed decisions about your personal and small business tax matters.

Go ahead and take the test now. The deadline for providing feedback has been extended to June 30.

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