Transform Your Office Manager Into an Office Hero (INFOGRAPHIC)

Office Manager Duties and Tips on Getting It All Done

When it comes to creating an efficient office environment, you need a hero. And there’s no better person to come to your rescue in achieving that goal than your office manager.

From ensuring the office fridge is always stocked to helping a project manager with a big meeting, the office manager does it all.

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How can you make it easier for your office manager to complete all tasks with ease?

Netherlands-based customized product manufacturing company Vistaprint (NASDAQ:CMPR) has some simple tips to save your time and money.

Office Manager Duties and Tips on Getting It All Done

Through real-life situations, Vistaprint suggests some simple ways to accomplish small tasks on time.

Re-Stocking the Office Kitchen with Snacks

This is a regular task for your office manager who’s probably spending hours at the supermarket.

A simple solution is to enlist the help of a grocery delivery service that ensures snacks reach the office on time.

Helping with a Big Meeting the Next Day

According to data shared by Vistaprint, 38 percent of office managers say “an intense workload” or “not having enough time” is their biggest professional struggle.

To address this challenge, they can create a list of their preferred vendors. These will include cross-platform note-taking app, transcription services and video conferencing software, among others.

Helping You Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of the Office

Rather than treating this as a manual job, your office manager can gather feedback through online tools.

Technology is becoming an integral part of an office manager’s day-to-day work. Forty-nine percent of administrative professionals, in fact, report being asked to identify and provide technology-related solutions at work. With the right tools, office managers can capture information from the employees.

Ordering Branded Products for a Tradeshow

Data reveals event planning is a major part of 84 percent of office managers’ job. Considering the amount of time spent on arranging logistics, an effective solution is to use an all-in-one custom print solution.

To know more, check out the infographic below:

Office Manager Duties and Tips on Getting It All Done

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  1. It is not just about delegating tasks and doing the big things. You also have to deal with the little things as well. And you can do that by keeping on top of things and a little bit of multitasking.

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