How to Post a Job on Indeed

How to Post a Job on Indeed

Finding the core set of hires to get your company up and running is time consuming and can be expensive. So Indeed has become the largest job site by making it easier and cheaper to find the right talent for your business.

What is Indeed?

Indeed is a jobsite platform with more than 200 million unique visitors every month in over 60 countries around the world. Indeed has a search engine designed to quickly find the most relevant query by employees so they can find the right company. You can post job ads for free or sponsor a job with a pay per click model.

The Benefits of Sponsoring a Job

When you sponsor a job, it increases traffic to your jobs by up to 400 percent and it is up to 5 times more likely to get clicks than organic jobs.

The company also has a publisher network of more than 25,000 partner sites, including,, and others. Job boards, business information sites, career expert sites, publishers, blogs and search engines are also part of the network. The delivers a large audience of passive and active job candidates to run your company.

Sponsored Job Pay Structure

The model Indeed uses for its sponsored jobs is pay per click (PPC). If you are not familiar with this structure, you are charged every time someone clicks on your ad. You set the budget, and it will not go beyond your daily spend limit.

Your budget will determine how many people see your ads as well as how you rank against other companies posting jobs. The price will vary according to location, number and type of jobs, an industry.

How to Post a Job on Indeed

So if you are looking for the right talent, here is how to post a job on Indeed.

Get Started

Log on to and click on Employers / Post Job, this will take you to this page where you will create an account.

How to Post a Job on Indeed - Get Started

In the next page, you enter the business information, which will be followed by posting the job to find your employee.

How to Post a Job on Indeed - Company Details

The following pages ask more details about the position, including title, salary, full, par-time or other arrangements.

How to Post a Job on Indeed - Job Details

How to Post a Job on Indeed - Job Details 2

The settings for the application will ask you where you want to receive resumes or other documents.

How to Post a Job on Indeed - Job Details 3

In the next page, you will describe the position. This is an important step, because a well written job title can increase your traffic. According to’s Director of Employer Insights, Kevin Walkerby, it can be by as much as 1000 percent.

How to Post a Job on Indeed - Job Details 4

After describing the job, you can request detailed information about the candidates.  Everything from education to languages, licenses, work authorization and more can be requested.

How to Post a Job on Indeed - Job Details 5

The confirmation page lets you review everything you have filled out and you are ready to post the job.

How to Post a Job on Indeed - Preview Job Posting

The job is now ready to be posted on, but before you move forward, you are given the option to sponsor the job. By sponsoring a job, your add will be the first job people see in the search results.

How to Post a Job on Indeed - Sponsor Job Option

The application recommends a budget for a daily average, and you can set an end date to finalize the sponsorship. If you accept, you will fill the billing information in the next page and the job will be posted on Indeed.

Take Advantage of the Built-in ATS

Once you post a job on Indeed, you can use their built-in applicant tracking system, or ATS, to manage your posting and keep track of who is applying. The dashboard lets you see their resumes, email them and schedule interviews on one page.

The ATS also generates performance reports to track how your sponsored jobs are performing. You can track the number of clicks and views, which you can use to adjust your spend and strategy.


The process of placing an ad on Indeed is straightforward and very easy. If you opt to sponsor your job, make sure you set a budget you can afford, and calculate the amount before committing. This way you will be sure to spend only the amount you have allocated.


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