Protect Your Customers from Package Theft, Adopt These 5 Strategies (INFOGRAPHIC)

5 Ways to Prevent Package Theft (INFOGRAPHIC)

Small businesses beware! Package thieves are on the prowl.

Package theft, a common problem around the holiday season, is an issue all year long. Worse yet, a large number of consumers (61 percent) feel online retailers are not doing enough to prevent the nuisance. That’s bad news if customers stop buying from your website fearing they’ll never see their purchase

Data released by packaging solutions provider Shorr Packaging offers insights into the challenges faced by consumers because of thefts.

Package Theft a Recurrent Problem

The report found 31 percent of respondents have personally experienced package theft. It also revealed how seriously consumers take package theft. Fifty three percent of respondents said they have changed their plans to be at home for a package.

Worse still, 41 percent of respondents revealed they have avoided purchasing certain items online to prevent package theft.

Tips to Prevent Package Theft

Use Discreet Boxes

Many consumers believe discreet boxes can help address the problem to a certain extent. They prefer such boxes as they don’t indicate what’s inside.

Forty seven percent of respondents, in fact, purchase items from online stores to be delivered because they have discreet boxes. Interestingly, 37 percent of respondents said they are willing to pay extra for an item delivered in a more discreet box.

Ship It to a Secure Location

Another simple solution is to go for package pick-up services such as UPS Access Point. With more than 22,000 locations across Europe and North America, UPS Access Point offers alternate delivery spots.

Seventy one percent of consumers said they’d be open to trying such services.

Use GPS Tracking

Tracking boxes with GPS can also deter thieves from targeting packages.

Use Different Size Boxes

Many consumers feel the size of the box puts it more at risk. Using different size boxes can therefore solve the problem.

Offer Package Theft Insurance

Finally, consumers say they are open to paying extra for an item if the company offered theft insurance (53 percent). Although it would not deter thieves from going after your package, it would help you win your customers’ confidence.

For the report, Illinois-based Shorr Packaging surveyed 1,000 people across the United States.

Check out the infographic below for more information:

5 Ways to Prevent Package Theft (INFOGRAPHIC)

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