50 Subscription Box Ideas

50 Subscription Box Ideas

Subscription boxes have exploded in popularity in recent years. According to data compiled by Statista, there are more than 2,000 subscription boxes already available. And subscriber lists have grown by more than a thousand percent in the last few years.

There are plenty of different ways entrepreneurs can get into this business. You could source the actual products yourself or rely on another company to package products in a subscription box format. There are even services like Subscription boxes that offer services specifically for those looking to offer their own subscription boxes.

Subscription Box Ideas

So if you’re looking for a new venture or a new way to add some extra income to your ecommerce business, subscription boxes could be something to consider. Here are 50 subscription box ideas to think about


50 Subscription Box Ideas - Clothing

Apparel is one of the most popular categories for online shoppers, with revenues projected at $69.82 billion for this year, according to Statista. So you can make use of that popularity with a subscription box model aimed at a specific type of customer.


Jewelry can also be a great product to build a subscription box around, especially because it’s small and easy to ship.


You could also choose to go the handbag route and share one great bag monthly or quarterly to fashionable customers.


Shoes can be a little trickier. But you can still build a subscription around shoes by giving consumers the ability to select specific styles and sizes.


There are plenty of other accessories you can build subscription boxes around. You could include hair accessories, hats, scarves, belts and more.

Kids Clothes

More specifically, you could offer a subscription box for kids apparel and accessories, since kids are constantly outgrowing their clothing.

Socks and Underwear

It may not be the most exciting subject, but consumers purchase things like socks and underwear fairly regularly. So it can make a great subject for subscription boxes.


Beauty is another one of the most popular categories for subscription boxes, according to Subscription Commerce Insider. And makeup is a big part of that market.

Skin Care

You could also start a box that focuses specifically on skin care products like cleansers, moisturizers and face masks.

Handmade Soaps

There’s even a sizeable market for artisanal soaps and similar unique products.

Spa Products

50 Subscription Box Ideas - Spa Products

You could also focus on spa products like lotions, hair masks, body scrubs and even scented candles.

Natural Beauty Products

There’s also a growing interest among beauty consumers for products made with natural ingredients. So you could build a subscription box around that unique niche.


When it comes to food, snack foods make for great subscription box products since they’re usually small and individually wrapped.

Organic Food

The market for organic food is also continuing to grow, according to data from the Organic Trade Association. So this can make another unique niche for subscription box businesses.


Or you could appeal to healthy consumers with a box that offers various vitamins and supplement products.


50 Subscription Box Ideas - Candy

If you want to go the less healthy route, you could offer a box full of candy and other wrapped sweets.

Herbs and Spices

For those looking to appeal to home chefs and others looking to experiment with new flavors in the kitchen, you could offer packaged herbs and spices that are easy to package and ship.

Cooking Supplies

Or you could offer various ingredients and cooking tools that people can use for specific meals or just general cooking.

Baking Supplies

You could also focus on consumers who are more interested in baking than cooking. You could offer ingredients for cakes and other sweets along with accessories like fillings and sprinkles.


Coffee is hugely popular and comes in plenty of different varieties. So you could easily come up with enough unique products to fill a subscription box each month.


50 Subscription Box Ideas - Tea

Likewise, there are countless different varieties of tea and tea related accessories that could make for great subscriptions.


There are also plenty of wine lovers out there. A wine subscription box might consist only of different wines each month. Or it might also come with accessories like glasses, corkscrews and pairing guides.


Or you could target craft beer consumers by offering a subscription box filled with unique beer varieties each month.

Cocktail Mixers

You could even offer a subscription box that is full of different cocktail mixers and ingredients, along with some unique cocktail recipes for people to try.


There’s also a market out there for people who purchase cigars regularly. So you could save them a trip and deliver different varieties right to their door.

Household Items

There are plenty of different household items that people purchase regularly. So while a subscription for things like cleaning supplies might not seem that exciting, it can be very useful for customers.

Home Decor

For decor minded consumers, you could also offer a box with small decorations and other home items.

Party Supplies

You could even offer a box full of seasonal party goods for people who like to entertain. This can include things like paper goods and decor.

Office Supplies

You could also offer a subscription box for professionals or students looking for unique office supplies.


There are also opportunities to offer subscription boxes for crafty or creative customers. For example, you could target people who love to sew or quilt by offering a monthly fabric box.


50 Subscription Box Ideas - Yarn

Knitting never really went out of style and now the handmade goods made from them are fetching top dollar.


You could also offer paper goods like stationery to those consumers who enjoy sending letters or even creating unique paper products.

Scrapbooking Goods

There are plenty of different products around scrapbooking, including paper, stamps, stickers and even the scrapbooks themselves.

Craft Supplies

You could also start a subscription box that features all different types of craft supplies. You might even feature a specific type of project each month that people can try using the supplies provided.

Paint and Art Supplies

If your customers are more art-focused, you could instead offer a subscription box that includes paint, brushes, or other art supplies.

Sporting Goods

For athletic consumers, you could offer a subscription for things like athletic apparel and small gear.

Camping Gear

Or you could target outdoor enthusiasts by offering a subscription full of camping gear and other outdoor equipment.

Fishing Equipment

Fishing is its own niche within that outdoor product segment. So you could offer a specialty box just for fishing supplies and equipment.

Tech Accessories

Tech enthusiasts could also use their own subscription box. It may not be cost effective to offer actual gadgets in a subscription model, but you could offer accessories or small gadgets that could be fun for people to try out.


You could also build a subscription for video games and other gaming related products.


Or you could offer music related boxes filled with vinyl or other music related products.


You could also create a “movie night” box by including actual films along with popcorn, candy or other movie night staples.


There’s also plenty of opportunity to target readers by offering books in specific categories each month or quarter.


You could also offer a subscription box for kids and families that includes toys and other products for kids.

Pet Supplies

There’s also a growing market for specialty pet supplies. You could include toys, treats and even clothing for dogs, cats or other animals.

Gardening Tools

For those interested in gardening, you could create a subscription box with seeds, decorations and other gardening supplies.


You could even offer a flower subscription that sends different flowers to people each month.

Automotive Accessories

If you sell products to car enthusiasts, you could offer a subscription box with things like tools, cleaners and other fun accessories.

Travel Gear

Or if you target travel enthusiasts, your subscription box could include things like mobile charges, pouch organizers and travel size toiletries.


You might also offer a subscription box in a really specific interest area where you offer collectibles related to that niche. Maybe you offer a box for people who like superhero comics, a particular sports team or even a specific TV show.

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  1. I would caution entrepreneurs that most subscription boxes fail. In order to thrive, you need to be able to retain subscribers for an extended period time, not just a month or two. in most cases, the cost of acquisition eats up all the profits for several months on any given subscriber, even if the entrepreneur can acquire the items in the box at below market rates (which most small business owners can’t do!). Think hard about the long term value proposition–if it’s just “discovering new things”, people might get tired of all the variety, and the recurring expense.

  2. Subscription boxes are really popular nowadays. I guess it came from the trend of reviewing products before buying them.

  3. Rakesh Mahtolia

    Product: This is in my opinion the second most important aspect right after your brand, obviously your clients need to feel that the money they are spending on your subscription box is worth it so be sure not to offer things that you think they’d be able to get anywhere

  4. You did a great job of explaining these different kinds of subscription box ideas! Oh my, it’s hard to choose, the options are really cool! You are right in saying that apparel is one of the most popular items, and I could easily say that I do also prefer skin care and makeup accessories! Cheers!

  5. I like your idea to create a box with herbs and spices that can be good for home chefs. My wife and I have tried a couple of subscription boxes and we think it would be a decent business. If we start a subscription box service, we’d probably consider outsourcing the fulfillment process.

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