Vistaprint Gets New Brick and Mortar Store in Toronto

Inside the New Vistaprint Brick and Mortar Store in Toronto

Almost 20 years after Vistaprint (NASDAQ:CMPR) began providing small business owners with professional marketing services and products, the customized marketing materials specialist has opened its first ever bricks and mortar store.

Vistaprint’s retail space is located in downtown Toronto. The Vistaprint Studio enables customers to physically feel and touch Vistaprint’s products. Small business owners can also benefit from marketing advice and getting one-to-one assistance and support in Vistaprint’s first ever physical store.

The Vistaprint Studio was born out of customer demand for more personal, face-to-face interaction with Vistaprint staff and products.

The company listened to its customers’ requirements and desires to have a location where they can enjoy an engaging, personalized experience in-store.

Lauren Zirilli, senior director of omni channel strategy at Vistaprint told Small Business Trends that the studio in Toronto is designed to be an extension of Vistaprint’s online experience.

Inside the New Vistaprint Brick and Mortar Store

“Customers can work seamlessly between the two, whether in store or online. Some offerings are unique to the store, including the ability to touch and feel products, interact with a VP Coach, or receive real-time, one to one, complimentary graphic design services,” said Zirilli.

At the Vistaprint Studio, customers can get their hands on exclusive services they won’t be able to find anywhere else. One exclusive service includes free graphic design, where visitors can get graphic design support, delivered face-to-face by Vistaprint coaches.

Such complimentary real-time, one-on-one design services would typically cost business owners close to $100 per hour.

New technologies, such as an interactive touchscreen logo maker, are also available to play with and experience at the new Vistaprint store in Toronto. Such technologies are designed to empower local businesses in creating more effective marketing materials, such as the innovative touchscreen logo maker.

Businesses visiting the store can see and feel Vistaprint products, including banners, business cards, shirts and postcards. They can even create their own paper sample kit to take home.

Customers can also work with a Vistaprint graphic designer at the store and see their ideas come to life.

Throughout the year, Vistaprint will also be offering unique workshops in its Studio, aimed at helping advance the local business community further.

The Vistaprint Studio is located on 720 King Street West in downtown Toronto. The Studio operates six days a week, from Monday to Saturday.

You can find out more about the first Vistaprint bricks and mortar store on the Vistaprint website.

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