Could 3D Printed Tire Open Door to Small Auto Parts Manufacturing?

3D Printed Auto Parts Provide Small Business Opportunities

For decades, automotive manufacturing has been reserved only for large businesses with huge factories and plenty of resources. But that all could be about to change thanks to 3D printing.

Michelin just unveiled an airless, 3D printed tire-wheel combination concept. The product could help drivers avoid issues like flat tires. And it could potentially even be customized to different driving conditions or needs.

New technology like 3D printing is opening up lots of new opportunities for small businesses. Since 3D printing requires less staffing and resources than traditional manufacturing techniques, it could become possible for small businesses to make tires and other small automotive parts. Even in other industries, manufacturing is becoming a more realistic possibility for small businesses with limited resources thanks to 3D printing, AI and other recent tech innovations.

3D Printed Auto Parts Provide Small Business Opportunities

This latest innovation is just a concept product. Michelin estimates the tire won’t actually be ready to debut for 15 to 20 years. But that doesn’t mean that small businesses have to wait to experiment with this technology. If you think you’d like to get into this new small business opportunity, it could be worth exploring early on so you can be one of the first small brands to break in with this type of offering.

Image: Michelin

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